Post Approval Monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why does UTMB have a PAM program?
  • Why is the program important to my lab?
  • How does the PAM program protect my research?
  • What are UTMB's obligations to regulatory bodies?
  • Why do we need AAALAC certification?
  • What are the goals of the PAM program?
  • How will PAM achieve these goals?
  • In which UTMB department do the PAM program, IACUC and ARC reside?
  • Who will interact with the PALs?
  • Who will be selected for assessment?
  • Does the Principal Investigator need to be present for the entire process?
  • What happens when my lab is selected?
  • What will be observed?
  • What if the nature of my experiment changes after protocol approval?
  • Why do the PALs ask so many questions?
  • Will this replace the IACUC semiannual lab visits?