new project lifecycle

Roles and Responsibilities

Chair, Center Director and Dean's Office

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Roles and Responsibilities Chair

Department Chairs, Center Directors and the Office of the Dean have the responsibility to ensure the appropriate allocation of space and resources for research at UTMB. They help to determine the priorities and direction of research, and are responsible for approving any and all cost sharing.

  • Upon request, facilitate assistance to PI searching for funding opportunities
  • Disseminate information on funding opportunities, including application guidelines and forms
  • Provide expert guidance on funding opportunities


  • If necessary, identify, request and receive approval for off campus or additional space.
  • Along with the Office of the Dean, determine appropriateness of grantee/PI.
  • Along with the Office of the Dean, identify partnership opportunities
  • Provide support to Principal Investigator in resolution of issues related to proposal development.  This task includes, but is not limited to, serving as a resource to the Principal Investigator, providing expertise, and offering the benefit of professional development training/education in research administration


  • Review cost sharing support fund in order to ensure verification of funds is available.
  • Ensure timely review and approval for those proposals that are mailed to the sponsors, and also work with PIs in order to process electronic proposal submissions.

  • Maintain all documents related to sponsored project activity based on UTMB or Sponsor retention policy.

  • Service center will notify PI of need for new CFS.
  • Retain grant and contract financial records for nine years after the last activity on the award as per UTMB Policy on records retention.