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Roles and Responsibilities


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Roles and Responsibilities Compliance

UTMB's regulatory groups work alongside the research community to ensure adherence to all federal, state and local regulations and policies, and to ensure the best practice of research at UTMB.

The IRB reviews and monitors all research involving human subjects, and the IACUC does the same with protocols using animal subjects.

  • Monitor and strengthen policies and procedures on an ongoing basis. (IRB, IACUC)
  • Develop new policies and procedures where needed. (IRB, IACUC)
  • Implement revised and newly created policies (IRB, IACUC)
  • Interpret and implement University policies & federal and other sponsor regulations related to research. (IRB, IACUC)
  • If instances of non-compliance and fraudulent activities exist they will be reported to the appropriate office or hotline number. (IRB, IACUC)
  • Attest to appropriate education of University, state and federal policies and regulation on human and animal research. (IRB, IACUC)
  • Modify the training sessions as needed based on feedback from the evaluation forms. (IRB, IACUC)
  • Help identify vulnerabilities in research compliance. (IRB, IACUC)

  • If appropriate, successfully complete and oversee the research team's completion of the UTMB approved human subjects educational program. (IRB)


  • Maintain all documents related to sponsored project activity based on UTMB or Sponsor retention policy. (IRB, IACUC)
  • Review all audit activity and assist in financial audit responses. (IRB)

  • Retain grant and contract financial records for nine years after the last activity on the award as per UTMB Policy on records retention. (IRB, IACUC)