new project lifecycle

Roles and Responsibilities


  • General Accounting
  • Academic Enterprise-Finance
  • UTMB Compliance
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Institutional Biosafety Committee
  • The President's Office
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll and Quality Assurance.

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Roles and Responsibilities Other

Many additional campus departments and resources are involved in the process of securing and managing sponsored programs. Specifically, General Accounting, Academic Enterprise-Finance, UTMB Compliance, Conflict of Interest, Institutional Biosafety Committee, the President's Office, Human Resources, Payroll and Quality Assurance. All play a role in some piece of managing sponsored research at UTMB.


  • Monitor and strengthen policies and procedures on an ongoing basis. (General Accounting, Academic Enterprise-Finance)
  • Develop new policies and procedures where needed. (General Accounting, Academic Enterprise-Finance)
  • The appropriate office will review the violation and take the appropriate action (UTMB Compliance)
  • Help identify vulnerabilities in research compliance. (Conflict of Interest, Institutional Biosafety Committee, UTMB Compliance)
  • Review day to day operations and will address compliance issues going forward. (UTMB Audit, UTMB Compliance)


  • Coordinate gift vs. grant account setup with the Development Office


  • Audit liaison coordinates all financial audits. (General Accounting)
  • Coordinate and obtain all supporting documents for financial audits. (General Accounting)
  • Act as liaison between auditors and department personnel for financial audits. (General Accounting)
  • Provide external auditors a draft of financial statements with general ledger reconciliation. (General Accounting)
  • Provide external auditors with a copy of the general ledger and relevant supporting documents, as well as requested access. (General Accounting)
  • Review all audit activity and assist in financial audit responses. (General Accounting)
  • Salary adjustments are processed. (Human Resources, Payroll)
  • If after all salary adjustments are made and expenses are more than reported on the FSR, the PI & ASG must submit additional adjustments. (Human Resources, Payroll)
  • Approve and process RSTs and Department Budget Requests (DBRs) (HR and Payroll)
  • Adjustments are processed (GA)

  • Retain grant and contract financial records for nine years after the last activity on the award as per UTMB Policy on records retention. (Conflict of Interest, Quality Assurance, Institutional Biosafety Committee)