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While there are no formal training sessions specifically for InfoEd, the basics of navigating InfoEd for IRB submissions are covered in the Introduction to Velos eResearch course. Below are PDF walk-thru guides as well as video tutorials for key tasks in InfoEd. Should you require or want training specifically in InfoEd, please contact Research Education to make arrangements. 

Research Education Programming

A variety of additional courses and resources are available to help you learn about conducting safe research with human subjects. Please expand each item to learn more about that offering, and links to resources.
    A customizable 2-3 hour classroom presentation delivered to your group. We highlight key policies for conducting human subject research at UTMB, including training on Conflict of Interest, Informed Consent, Working with the IRB, and the Velos and InfoEd systems. This training is Ideal for groups of new residents, medical students or junior faculty. We deliver to you on your schedule. Contact Research Education to schedule.
  • Velos is a web-based clinical trials management system, and is the initial entry point for ALL submissions to the IRB.
  • All new protocol submissions to the UTMB IRB, regardless of whether they are clinical trials or not, must be initiated through Velos before submission via InfoEd. Training will introduce the user to Velos, and demonstrate the steps necessary to begin a study in the Velos eResearch system. Training in Velos is mandatory before access can be granted for the system. If you intend to submit a new protocol to the IRB, you must complete Velos training session and learn the new process and how to navigate within Velos eResearch.
  • Training is online or in a classroom setting. Visit the Training Calendar to register for a class, or self-enroll in the online version in the online learning system UTMB Learn. If you have trouble, please contact Research Education to have this training assigned to you for completion online at your convenience.
Training Materials
Video Tutorials

Navigating the IRB is a 3-part introduction to working with the IRB at UTMB. It is designed for investigators and study staff alike and includes information about the role of the IRB, designing and submitting protocols for IRB review and the proper method for obtaining informed consent. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate, and will receive credit for basic Velos training.

Session 1: Overview of the Institutional Review Board

Define an IRB and discuss its role at UTMB Identify the regulatory agencies and regulations that govern IRBs
List key best practices when working with protocols subject to IRB review

Session 2: Getting Started - Initial Submissions and Ongoing Research Review

Be able to explain the steps necessary to file an initial submission to the IRB
Know the various steps and procedures involved in a protocol review
Understand when events need to be reported to the IRB

Session 3: Obtaining Informed Consent

Explain the informed consent process Identify the required elements of a consent form