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Research Strategic Plan

UTMB Research 2020 is a desired future state, one that has broad input and which has been used by leadership to  develop a path forward through goals, objectives and tactics.

A team of more than 50 UTMB research leaders have been instrumental in the development of meaningful objectives that are specific, measurable, identify resource requirements and arrayed over no more than two academic years. It is the relationship among objectives, strategies and tactics that holds the potential to align individual behavior with actions that change the direction and acceleration of UTMB research.

Goals in the UTMB Research 2020 Strategic Plan are:

  • Increase Vaccine Development and Drug Discovery
  • Organize Clinical Research Infrastructure
  • Expand Interdisciplinary Research Activity in Neurodysfunction
  • Expand Interdisciplinary Research Activity in Infection and Immunology
  • Expand Interdisciplinary Research Activity in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Expand Interdisciplinary Research Activity in Pulmonary and Cardiovascular

Download the entire plan for review.

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