Research Services Advisory Group

Employee Ambassadors  

Six Ambassadors from across Research Services (each group will select their representative):

ARC/ IACUC/ PALS – 2 individuals

  • ARC (pending)
  • Cathy Simmons

OSP – 1 individual

  • Cathleen Sainz

IRB – 1 individual

  • Amanda Barber

OCR – 1 individual

  • Hemwattie Ramnauth

Education/ Admin/ Research Advancement – 1 individual

  • Cheryl Anders


Plans and carries out events and activities that build a positive spirit among employees.


  • evaluate and prioritize You Count results,
  • increasing employee engagement,
  • boosting innovation,
  • improving the department’s culture,
  • providing feedback for changing departmental policies,
  • plan the Research Services Bi-Annual meetings and
  • manage the Research Services Recognition selection process.

Term Limits

Two years, with half the team rotating each year to ensure continuity. (At the committee’s outset, half the committee will serve just a single year, with the balance of the committee committing to two years.)

rock star icon
Rock Star Award Program

Through the Research Services ROCK Star Award program, the Research Enterprise recognizes those employees who exhibit exemplary professional behavior and commitment to teamwork and improvement in their daily activities. Please see program rules and complete this form to make the nomination of your choice.


Congratulations to the ARC team on this round of winners on February 11, 2020 meeting. 

Adriana Robbins – This person is an amazing picture of dedication and passion for her job. She loves what she does, and it shows. She is always professional in her interactions with coworkers and research staff. She provides great customer service and is quick to assist researchers when they have questions or are in need of help. She has her ALAT certification and is studying for the LAT in order to better meet the needs of the animals she cares for. She is thorough with animal health checks and daily tasks. She’s always looking out for her coworkers, helps them out without being asked and volunteers to assist in other areas as well. She always has a great attitude, is dependable and is a vital part of the ARC team. Adriana Robbins is truly a Rock Star!

Diane Roberson – This person has invested many years in the laboratory animal field and her expertise is unparalleled. She is an indispensable part of the ARC staff, both in working in her normal role, but also as a mentor for members of the Husbandry and Vet Staffs. She works hard to make sure the animals are cared for and to help research staff and coworkers with anything they need. In addition to her normal duties, she manages several mouse breeding colonies for researchers. She has also taken the initiative to ensure a successful start to our AT II cross training program. All of these reasons are why Diane Roberson is Rock Star!

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