Submitting a Grant or Subcontract Proposal to OSP

Please follow the steps outlined below when submitting a grant proposal to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) Pre-Award for review.

*Effective August 1, 2013:
University Policy Statement for Submission of Applications for Institutional Approvals (10-Day Policy)


  1. Principal Investigator (PI) solicits an agency for grant submission and secures application forms and guidelines. Many federal, state, and foundation application forms and instructions can be downloaded from the sponsors’ websites. The OSP Forms website also provides links to some of these sites, as well as some pre-populated federal forms.

  2. If appropriate, the PI submits required application to Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects (IRB)/ Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) (Rebecca Sealy, Room 4.400, ext. 69400) for review and approval.

  3. The PI develops the budget according to sponsor and UTMB guidelines (please see Budget Guidelines, or contact your Pre-Award Analyst, if you would like assistance).

  4. The PI submits the following materials **ten (10) working days prior to the submission deadline to OSP (Rebecca Sealy, Room 4.400, ext. 69400) or, for electronic submissions, to the PI’s folder in the Research Services shared drive (If a PI folder is needed, please contact Erika LeGros, x69480):

    • Completed Routing Form signed by PI and Department Chair (if investigators from departments other than the PI are planning to contribute effort, a signature from the relevant Department Chair must also be obtained).
    • Application

    In order to receive a substantive review a proposal MUST contain the following:

    • Face Page and/or forms requiring the Authorized Official’s signature
    • Detailed Budget for the initial project period
    • Project Budget for the entire proposed project period
    • Budget Justification
    • At least a draft of the biographical sketches and project description
    • Checklist (if submitting a PHS 398 application)
    • Copy of application instructions (e.g., private, non-governmental PA, RFP, RFA); a link is acceptable for electronic submissions.
    • Cost Sharing Form (if applicable)
    • Indirect Cost Waiver Form (if applicable)*


  5. The Pre-Award Analyst will review and forward any recommendations/corrections. Revisions or corrections must be made before institutional signature is obtained.

  6. The Pre-Award Analyst will contact the individual designated on the Routing Form when the application review is complete.

  7. Final submission to the sponsor is the PI’s responsibility.

  8. In the case of electronic submissions, the process is slightly different:
  • Steps 6 and 7 are omitted.
  • The PI sends the completed document to the PI’s assigned folder on the Research Services shared drive a **minimum of 10 working days before the deadline.
  • The PI notifies their Pre-Award Analyst via e-mail that the proposal is in the folder and ready for review.
  • The Pre-Award Analyst will notify the signing official when the proposal is ready for submission.
  • The signing official, the only one authorized to submit the proposal to the agency, submits the proposal via agency website, thereby capturing the institutional signature electronically.

* Indirect Costs
University policy is to always obtain indirect costs to the maximum extent allowed by the sponsor. If a sponsor does not allow indirect costs, such policy must be provided in writing to OSP. An indirect cost waiver is available for download from our Forms page.

** Exceptions to the 10 day deadline stated above
Exceptions will require a written explanation as to why the deadline was missed and justification for late submission, and could result in the denial of an approval. Additionally, the Office of Sponsored Programs cannot guarantee a successful submission of the electronic submission of applications if the deadlines stated above are not followed. (Late submission request form)