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Dysplasia Care

The RMCHP offers services for screening and treatment of cervical dysplasia. 

Dysplasia is a term used to describe the appearance of abnormal cells on the cervix.  These abnormal cells are normally first detected by a pap smear.  Familiar to most women, Pap smear tests are normally a part of the annual well-woman visit.

While dysplasia is not cancer it can develop into cancer of the cervix.  Cervical dysplasia does not cause symptoms, and varies in severity; therefore regular screening and early diagnosis are essential to prevent cancer.  There are many ways to treat dysplasia, depending on a variety of factors, such as its severity, age of the patient and the presence of any other problems.   The RMCHP provides pap smear testing, and if necessary, diagnosis and treatment of dysplasia. 

Financial Screening Services

Through several available funding sources eligible women may receive services at no fee, or at a reduced fee, based on family income and size. 

During your first appointment, a financial screener will determine if you qualify for any of the financial assistance programs available through the RMCHP.  We also accept private insurance or cash payment. Major credit cards are also accepted.

For more information on financial assistance please see our financial assistance services page.

Clinic Locations

Dysplasia services are available at the following RMCHP clinics: 
Angleton;  Beaumont; Conroe; Galveston; Katy; McAllen; Sugar Land.

See the Clinic Location page for days/hours and phone numbers