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Women's Services

Womens checkup

RMCHP clinics offer a variety of medical, referral and counseling services for women. These services include pregnancy testing, family planning, prenatal care, dysplasia and breast and cervical cancer screening.  Through several available funding sources eligible women may receive services at no fee, or at a reduced fee, based on family income and size.  For more information on financial assistance please see our page on the topic or click the following link.

Financial Assistance Services
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Pregnancy Tests

We offer urine pregnancy testing. Our pregnancy tests can detect a positive result in just 7-10 days after conception.

Family Planning

Family planning services help individuals determine the number and spacing of their children.  Family planning promotes positive birth outcomes and healthy families.  The RMCHP offers a variety of family planning related health care, educational and counseling services.  To find out more about our family planning services follow this link to our Family Planning page.

Prenatal Care

The goal of prenatal care in the RMCHP is a healthy baby, a healthy mother and a healthy family. We encourage our patients and their families to participate in planning for the birth of their child.  Birth Planning has been shown to be instrumental in fostering healthy family relationships and establishing bonds between the baby, mother, spouse/ significant other, and other family members. To find out more about our prenatal care services follow this link to our Prenatal Care page.

Why Should I Have My Baby At UTMB?


The RMCHP offers services for screening and treatment of cervical Dysplasia.  To find out more about our Dysplasia services follow this link to our Dysplasia page. 

Breast and Cervical Cancer Care

For women 50 years old and above the RMCHP offers breast and cervical cancer care.  For more information follow this link to our Breast and Cervical Cancer page.