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Understanding flavivirus capsid protein functions: the tip of the iceberg
Sotcheff S., Routh, A.

Pathogens (2020) Jan; 9(1), 42


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Mapping RNA-capsid interactions and RNA secondary structure within authentic virus particles using next-generation sequencing
Zhou Y., Routh, A.

Nucleic Acids Research (2020) Jan; 24;48(2):e12


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Dengue NS2A protein orchestrates virus assembly
Xie X., Zou J., Zhang X., Zhou Y., Routh A., Popov V.L., Chen X., Wang Q., Dong H-P., Shi P-Y.

Cell Host and Microbe (2019) Nov 12;26(5):606-622.e8


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Whole Genome Sequence of Rickettsia parkeri Strain Atlantic Rainforest Isolated from a Colombian Tick
Londoño A.F. *, Mendell N.L., Valbuena G.A., Routh A., Wood T.G., Widen S.G., Rodas J.D., Walker D.H., Bouyera D.H.

Microbiology Resource Announcements (2019) Sep 8:e00684-19


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DPAC: a tool for Differential Poly(A) Cluster usage from poly(A)–targeted RNAseq data
Routh A.

G3: Genes Genomes Genetics (2019) Feb 27; 531:1-18


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Mosquito cells persistently infected with dengue virus produce viral particles with host-dependent replication
Reyes-Ruiz JM, Osuna-Ramos JF, Bautista-Carbajal P, Jaworski E, Soto-Acosta R, Cervantes-Salazar M, Angel-Ambrocio AH, Castillo-Munguía JP, Chávez-Munguía B, De Nova-Ocampo M, Routh A, Del Ángel RM, Salas-Benito JS.

Journal of Virology (2019) Feb 27; 531:1-18


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Nudt21 regulates the alternative polyadenylation of Pak1 and is predictive in the prognosis of glioblastoma patients
Chu Y., Elrod N.D., Wang C., Chen T., Routh A., Xia Z., Wagner E.J., and Ji P.

Oncogene (2019) Jan 31; 38(21):4154-4168


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Development of Poly(A)-ClickSeq as a Tool Enabling Simultaneous Genome-wide Poly(A)-site identification and Differential Expression Analysis
Nathan D. Elrod, Elizabeth Jaworski, Ping Ji, Eric J. Wagner, Andrew Routh

Methods (2019) Feb 15; 155:20-29


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Better safe than sorry: A dual-function viral protein inhibiting host-defense
Bernhard C. Lechtenberg, Andrew Routh

Cell, Host and Microbe (2018) Oct 10; 24(4):467-469 


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ClickSeq: Replacing Fragmentation and Enzymatic Ligation with Click-Chemistry to Prevent Sequence Chimeras
Elizabeth Jaworski, Andrew Routh

Methods in Molecular Biology (2018) 1712: 71-85 


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Parallel ClickSeq and Nanopore sequencing elucidates the rapid evolution of defective-interfering RNAs in Flock House virus
Elizabeth Jaworski, Andrew Routh

PLoS Pathogens (2017) May 5, 13(5): e1006365 


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Poly (A)-ClickSeq: click-chemistry for next-generation 3΄-end sequencing without RNA enrichment or fragmentation
Andrew Routh, Ping Ji, Elizabeth Jaworski, Zheng Xia, Wei Li, Eric J Wagner

Nucleic Acids Research (2017) Jul 7; 45(12):e112 


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High-fidelity mass analysis unveils heterogeneity in intact ribosomal particles
Michiel van de Waterbeemd, Kyle L Fort, Dmitriy Boll, Maria Reinhardt-Szyba, Andrew Routh, Alexander Makarov, Albert JR Heck

Nature Methods (2017) Jun 14, 283-286 


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A Screen of FDA-Approved Drugs for Inhibitors of Zika Virus Infection
Barrows N.J., Campos R.K., Powell S., Reddisiva Prasanth K., Schott-Lerner G., Soto-Acosta R., Galarza-Muñoz G., McGrath E.L., Urrabaz-Garza R., Gao J., Wu P., Menon R., Saade G., Fernandez-Salas I., Rossi S.L., Vasilakis N., Routh A., Bradrick S.S, Garcia-Blanco M.A,

Cell Host Microbe (2016) Aug 20(2):259-270 


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CoVaMa: Co-Variation Mapper for disequilibrium analysis of mutant loci in viral populations using next-generation sequence data
Routh A., Chang M.W., Okulicz J.F., Johnson J.E., Torbett B.E,

Methods (2015) Dec 91:40-47 


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