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photo of Rogelio Coronado, PT, PhD

Rogelio Coronado, PT, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Physical Therapy
University of Texas Medical Branch


Phone: (409) 772-9511

Lead Mentors

K. Ottenbacher, PhD & Z. Gugala, MD, PhD

Research Areas

Outcomes research, chronic pain, psychosocial assessment

  • 2003 BS, Biology, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
  • 2007 MS, Physical Therapy, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
  • 2014 PhD, Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Florida


Research Funding

K12 HD055929 (Ottenbacher) 09/25/07 - 08/31/17 National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research (NICHD), NIH Rehabilitation Research Career Development Program Goal: Recruit and train physical and occupational therapy faculty scholars in rehabilitation research to prepare them for successful independent research careers. Role: Scholar (2016-present)

Orthopaedic Section of the American Physical Therapy Association 05/06/16 - 04/30/18 Early postoperative exercise after anterior cervical discectomy and fusion: a pilot, randomized controlled trial Goal: To determine the efficacy of an early home exercise program for improving patient-reported outcomes and reducing opioid use at 6 months after surgery and to examine whether changes in physical activity and self-efficacy are related to improvements in patient-reported outcomes. Role: PI

Cervical Spine Research Society (CSRS) 01/01/16 - 06/30/17 A randomized trial of early home exercise versus usual care after anterior cervical decompression and fusion for degenerative cervical spine conditions Goal: To examine the efficacy of an early home exercise program for improving patient-reported outcomes, physical activity, and psychosocial functioning in patients following Anterior Cervical Decompression and Fusion surgery and to evaluate the safety of an early HEP on cervical spine fusion rate. Role: PI

Vanderbilt Institute for Clinical and Translational Research 01/21/16 - 05/31/17 The effect of an early home exercise program on outcome after cervical spine surgery Goal: The aim of this prospective, observational study is to examine the effects of an early home exercise program for reducing pain and disability after cervical spine surgery. Role: PI

Foundation for Physical Therapy Grant 01/01/15 - 12/31/16 Improving physical activity and function with cognitive-behavioral based physical therapy after spine surgery Goal: To examine the effects of cognitive-behavioral based physical therapy on physical activity and function in patients after spine surgery and determine the role of positive and negative psychosocial factors on these outcomes. Role: PI

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) 02/01/14 - 01/31/17 Rehabilitation Research Career Development Program Goal: Comparative effectiveness of postoperative management for degenerative spinal conditions Role: Co-Investigator

Completed (past 3 years)
APTA Orthopaedic Section Grant 06/01/12 - 05/31/14 Cervical and shoulder manipulative therapy effects on pain sensitivity Goal: To investigate the effects of manipulative therapy applied to the cervical or shoulder region on pain processing in participants with unilateral shoulder pain and explore the contribution of changes in pain processing to clinical outcomes. Role: PI

Publications (past 5 years)

Coronado RA, Simon CB, Lentz TA, Gay CW, Mackie LN, George SZ. Optimism Moderates the Influence of Pain Catastrophizing on Shoulder Pain Outcome: A Longitudinal Analysis. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 2016 Nov 5:1-32. [Epub ahead ofprint].

Yang AJ, Coronado RA, Hoffecker L, Gao C, Saurwein K, Shoreman D, Hoffberg AS, Akuthota V. Conservative Care in Lumbar Spine Surgery Trials: A Descriptive Literature Review. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2016 Aug 26. pii: S0003-9993(16)30901-7.

Valencia C, Coronado RA, Simon CB, Wright TW, Moser MW, Farmer KW, George SZ. Preoperative physical therapy treatment did not influence postoperative pain and disability outcomes in patients undergoing shoulder arthroscopy: a prospective study. J Pain Res. 2016 Jul 6;9:493-502. PMCID: PMC4940007.

Banks SD, Coronado RA, Clemons LR, Abraham CM, Pruthi S, Conrad BN, Morgan VL, Guillamondegui OD, Archer KR. Thalamic Functional Connectivity in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Longitudinal Associations With Patient-Reported Outcomes and Neuropsychological Tests. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2016 Aug;97(8):1254- 61. PMCID: PMC4990202.

Simon CB, Riley JL 3rd, Coronado RA, Valencia C, Wright TW, Moser MW, Farmer KW, George SZ. Older Age as a Prognostic Factor of Attenuated Pain Recovery After Shoulder Arthroscopy. PM R. 2016 Apr;8(4):297-304. PMCID: PMC4788986.

Yang AJ, Brakke RA, Boimbo S, Sauerwein K, Coronado RA, Schumacher A. Residency and Beyond: Subspecialization Trends Among Graduating Physiatry Residents and the Musculoskeletal Curriculum. Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2016 Feb;95(2):152-7.

Coronado RA, George SZ, Devin CJ, Wegener ST, Archer KR. Pain Sensitivity and Pain Catastrophizing Are Associated With Persistent Pain and Disability After Lumbar Spine Surgery. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2015 Oct;96(10):1763-70. PMCID: PMC4601931.

Simon CB, Coronado RA, Greenfield WH 3rd, Valencia C, Wright TW, Moser MW, Farmer KW, George SZ. Predicting Pain and Disability After Shoulder Arthroscopy: Rotator Cuff Tear Severity and Concomitant Arthroscopic Procedures. Clin J Pain. 2016 May;32(5):404-10. PMCID: PMC4684489.

Archer KR, Coronado RA, Haislip LR, Abraham CM, Vanston SW, Lazaro AE, Jackson JC, Ely EW, Guillamondegui OD, Obremskey WT. Telephone-based goal management training for adults with mild traumatic brain injury: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials. 2015 Jun 2;16:244. PMCID: PMC4454274.

Coronado RA, Bialosky JE, Bishop MD, Riley JL 3rd, Robinson ME, Michener LA, George SZ. The comparative effects of spinal and peripheral thrust manipulation and exercise on pain sensitivity and the relation to clinical outcome: a mechanistic trial using a shoulder pain model. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 2015 Apr;45(4):252-64. PMCID: PMC4789758.

Alappattu MJ, Coronado RA, Lee D, Bour B, George SZ. Clinical characteristics of patients with cancer referred for outpatient physical therapy. Phys Ther. 2015 Apr;95(4):526-38. PMCID: PMC4384050.

Simon CB, Coronado RA, Wurtzel WA, Riddle DL, George SZ. Content and bibliometric analyses of the Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy. J Man Manip Ther. 2014 Nov;22(4):181-90. PMCID: PMC4215098.

Archer KR, Coronado RA, Haug CM, Vanston SW, Devin CJ, Fonnesbeck CJ, Aaronson OS, Cheng JS, Skolasky RL, Riley LH 3rd, Wegener ST. A comparative effectiveness trial of postoperative management for lumbar spine surgery: changing behavior through physical therapy (CBPT) study protocol. BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 2014 Oct 1;15:325. PMCID: PMC4192328.

Coronado RA, Simon CB, Valencia C, Parr JJ, Borsa PA, George SZ. Suprathreshold heat pain response predicts activity-related pain, but not rest-related pain, in an exercise-induced injury model. PLoS One. 2014 Sep 29;9(9):e108699. PMCID: PMC4180757.

Sharififar S, Coronado RA, Romero S, Azari H, Thigpen M. The effects of whole body vibration on mobility and balance in Parkinson disease: a systematic review. Iran J Med Sci. 2014 Jul;39(4):318-26. Review. PMCID: PMC4100042.

Coronado RA, Bialosky JE, Robinson ME, George SZ. Pain sensitivity subgroups in individuals with spine pain: potential relevance to short-term clinical outcome. Phys Ther. 2014 Aug;94(8):1111-22. PMCID: PMC4118073.

Slaven EJ, Goode AP, Coronado RA, Poole C, Hegedus EJ. The relative effectiveness of segment specific level and non-specific level spinal joint mobilization on pain and range of motion: results of a systematic review and meta-analysis. J Man Manip Ther. 2013 Feb;21(1):7-17. PMCID: PMC3578190.

Coronado RA, Simon CB, Valencia C, George SZ. Experimental pain responses support peripheral and central sensitization in patients with unilateral shoulder pain. Clin J Pain. 2014 Feb;30(2):143-51. PMCID: PMC3732495.

Gay CW, Alappattu MJ, Coronado RA, Horn ME, Bishop MD. Effect of a single session of muscle-biased therapy on pain sensitivity: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. J Pain Res. 2013;6:7-22. PMCID: PMC3569047.

Coronado RA, Gay CW, Bialosky JE, Carnaby GD, Bishop MD, George SZ. Changes in pain sensitivity following spinal manipulation: a systematic review and meta-analysis. J Electromyogr Kinesiol. 2012 Oct;22(5):752-67. doi: 10.1016/j.jelekin.2011.12.013. Review. PMCID: PMC3349049.

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Coronado RA, Sheets CZ, Cook CE, Boissonnault WG. Spondyloarthritis in a patient with unilateral buttock pain and history of Crohn disease. Phys Ther. 2010 May;90(5):784-92.

Coronado R, Hudson B, Sheets C, Roman M, Isaacs R, Mathers J, Cook C. Correlation of magnetic resonance imaging findings and reported symptoms in patients with chronic cervical dysfunction. J Man Manip Ther. 2009;17(3):148-53. PMCID: PMC2762837.

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