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photo of Wendy Herbert, PhD, PT

Wendy Herbert, PT, PhD

Assistant Professor & Director of Clinical Education

Department of Physical Therapy
Elon University


Phone: (336) 278-6435

Lead Mentor

K. Ottenbacher, PhD, OTR

Research Areas

Investigating mechanisms of recovery and optimal treatment approaches and interventions for individuals with moderate to severe upper extremity motor deficits following stroke

  • 1988 Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, BS, Physical Therapy
  • 2005 Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, MS, Physical Therapy
  • 2008 Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, PhD, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


Research Funding

Completed Grant -H# D05592K91 (2Ottenbacher) 09/25/07-08/31/17 National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research (NICHD), NIH Rehabilitation Research Career Development Program Goal: Recruit and train physical and occupational therapy faculty scholars in rehabilitation research to prepare them for successful independent research careers. Role: Scholar (2011-2016)

Publications (past 5 years)

Herbert WJ, Powell K, Buford JA. Evidence for a role of the reticulospinal system in recovery of skilled reaching after cortical stroke: initial results from a model of ischemic cortical injury. Exp Brain Res. 2015 Nov;233(11):3231-51.

Montgomery LR, Herbert WJ, Buford JA. Recruitment of ipsilateral and contralateral upper limb muscles following stimulation of the cortical motor areas in the monkey. Exp Brain Res. 2013 Oct;230(2):153-64. PMCID: PMC3778999.

Herbert, WJ, Davidson, AG, Buford, JA. Measuring the motor output of the pontomedullary reticular formation in the monkey: Do stimulus triggered averaging and stimulus trains produce comparable results in the upper limbs. Experimental Brain Research. 203; 271-283, 2010.

Herbert WJ, Heiss DG, Basso DM. Influence of feedback schedule in motor performance and learning of a lumbar multifidus task using rehabilitative ultrasound imaging: A randomized clinical trial. Physical Therapy. 88(2): 261-269, 2008.

Pepin M, Roberts L, Johanson MA, McCallum C, Herbert WJ, Giuffre S. Abstracts of current literature. Journal of Physical Therapy Education. 22(3): 90-3, Winter 2008.

Heiss DG, Fitch DS, Fritz JM, Sanchez WJ, Roberts K, Buford JA. The inter-rater reliability among physical therapists newly trained in a classification system for acute low back pain. Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy, 34: 430-439, 2004.

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