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photo of Shawn Roll, PhD, OTR/L, CWCE

Shawn Roll, PhD, OTR/L

Assistant Professor

Division of Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy University of Southern California


Phone:(323) 442-1850

Lead Mentor

Florence Clark

Research Areas

Understand the development of musculoskeletal disorders utilizing primary investigative measurements, specifically sonography, to enhance assessment, prevention and rehabilitation for the working population.


2002 Ohio State University Occupational Therapy BS
2006 Ohio State University Allied Medical Professions MS
2011 Ohio State University Health and Rehabilitation Sciences PhD


Centers for Disease Control (CDC)/National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH)
Sonographic tissue morphology in early stage work-related median nerve pathology
Role: PI

Recent Publications

Roll SC, Evans KD, Hutmire CD, Baker JP. An analysis of occupational factors related to shoulder discomfort in diagnostic medical sonographers and vascular technologists. Work, 2012;42:355-65.

Evans KD, Roll SC, Volz KR, Freimer M. Relationship of intraneural vascular flow measured with ultrasound and carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosis based on electrodiagnostic testing. J Ultras Med, 2012;31:729-36.

Roll SC, Evans KD, Li X, Sommerich CM, Case-Smith J. Importance of tissue morphology relative to patient reports of symptoms and functional limitations due to median nerve pathology. Am J Occ Ther, 2013; 67:64-72.

Roll SC, Kutch JJ. Transperineal sonographic evaluation of the male pelvic floor. J Diag Med Sonog, 2013; 29:3-10.

Evans KD, Roll SC, Volz K. Establishing an imaging protocol for detection of vascularity within the median nerve using contrast enhanced ultrasound. J Diag Med Sonog, 2013; 29:201-207.

Roll SC, Evans KD, Volz KR, Sommerich CM. Longitudinal sonographic measurement of median nerve changes with controlled exposure to physical work in an animal model. Ultrasound Med Bio, 2013; 39:2492-7.

Evans KD, Volz KR, Pargeon RL, Fout LT, Buford J, Roll SC. Use of contrast enhanced sonography to investigate intraneural vascularity in a cohort of macaca fascicularis with suspected median mononeuropathy. J Ultrasound Med, 2014; 33:103-9.

Roll SC, Selhorst L, Evans KD. Contribution of positioning to work-related discomfort in diagnostic medical sonographers. WORK: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment, and Rehabilitation, 2014;47:253-60.

Roll SC, Rana M, Sigward SM, Yani M, Kirages DJ, Kutch JJ. Reliability of superficial male pelvic floor structural measurements using transperineal linear-array sonography. Ultrasound Med Bio, 2015; 41:610-7

Roll SC. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Improving intervention effectiveness. Brockton, MA: Specialty Commerce Publishing; 2015. ISBN: 978-1-68041-060-0

Roll SC. Role of sonographic imaging in occupational therapy practice. Am J Occ Ther, 2015; 69(3):6903360010p1-6903360010p8.

Roll SC, Volz KR, Fahy C, Evans KD. Carpal tunnel syndrome severity staging using sonographic and clinical measures. Muscle Nerve, 2015; 51:838-845.

Roll SC, McLaughlin-Gray J, Frank G, Wolkoff M. Exploring therapists' perceptions of the usefulness of musculoskeletal sonography in rehabilitation. Am J Occ Ther, 2015; 69(4):6904360010p1-6.

Hardison ME, Roll SC. Mindfulness interventions in physical rehabilitation: A scoping review. Am J Occ Ther, 2016; 70:7003290030p1-9.

Roll SC, Asai C, Tsai J. Use of musculoskeletal sonography involving non-physician rehabilitation providers: A scoping review. Eur J Phys Rehab Med, 2016; 52(2).

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