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photo of Barbara Sargent, PhD, PT, PCS

Barbara Sargent, PhD, PT

Assistant Professor of clinical physical therapy

Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy
University of Southern California

Phone: 323-442-4823

Lead Mentor
C. Winstein, PhD, PT, FAPTA

Research Areas

Motor development, motor learning, and the rehabilitation of infants and children with movement dysfunction


  • 1989 BS, Physical Therapy, Mount St. Mary's College, CA
  • 1994 MS, Education, California State University, Fullerton, CA
  • 2013 PhD, Biokinesiology, University of Southern California, CA

Current Research Funding

K12 HD055929 (Ottenbacher) 09/25/07-8/31/22 National Institutes of Health Rehabilitation Research Career Development Program: The goal of this program is to prepare Scholars, trained Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists, to initiate successful and independent careers as rehabilitation researchers. Role: Scholar (9/1/16-present)

Recent Publications

Sargent B, Kubo M, Fetters L. Infant discovery learning and lower extremity coordination: influence of prematurity. Phys Occup Ther Pediatr. 2018; 38(2):210-225. 

Duff S, Sargent B, Kutch J, Berggren J, Leiby B, Fetters L. Using contingent reinforcement to augment muscle activation after perinatal brachial plexus injury: a pilot study. Phys Occup Ther Pediatr. 2017; 7(5), 555-565.

Sargent B, Reimann H, Kubo M, Fetters L. Infant intralimb coordination and torque production: influence of prematurity. Infant Behav Dev. 2017;49:129-140. 

Mendonca B, Sargent B, Fetters L.  The cross-cultural validity of standardized motor development screening and assessment tools: a systematic review. Dev Med Child Neurol. 2016;58(12): 1213-1222.

Sargent B, Scholz J, Reimann H, Kubo M, Fetters L. Development of infant leg coordination: exploiting passive torques. Infant Behav Dev. 2015;40:108-121.

Sargent B, Schweighofer N, Kubo M, Fetters L.  Infant exploratory learning: influence on leg joint coordination. PLOS ONE. 2014;9(3):e91500.

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