Department of Pharmacy

Clinical Services

Current Clinical Services

  • Adverse Drug Event identification, documentation and follow-up
  • Parenteral Nutrition Support
  • Pediatric and Geriatric drug dosing and monitoring
  • Food - Drug Interaction Program
  • Formulary management by therapeutic interchange, IV to PO conversion, and restricted medication use criteria
  • Drug therapy review via MAR reconciliation and/or review of weight, allergy and diagnoses
  • Pharmacokinetic monitoring
  • Clinical intervention documentation program
  • Medication profile screening for follow-up and monitoring
  • Pharmacy student clinical rotations (University of Texas and University of Houston, Texas Southern University, Texas A&M)

Future Direction of Clinical Programs

  • Reimbursement strategies for pharmaceutical care services
  • Innovative formulary management programs to include drug use review and therapeutic drug selection
  • Automated clinical intervention / outcome documentation
  • Pharmaceutical care consult and progress note documentation
  • Clinical practice research
  • Discharge planning/counseling
  • Pharmacokinetic dosing
  • Development of innovative continuity of care approaches between inpatient care teams and pharmacist managed clinics