Department of Pharmacy

Inpatient Services

The Department of Pharmacy’s Inpatient Division is active and diverse. This area of practice presents many opportunities for new graduates as well as experienced pharmacists. The Central Pharmacy is located on the second floor of the Waverley Smith Pavilion. This operation, along with four pharmacy satellites, supports all seven inpatient care areas / hospitals on the UTMB campus.

A continuing goal of the Inpatient Division is the deployment and expansion of clinical services supported by the Inpatient Care Pharmacists. Implementing additional clinical services will occur as efficiencies are gained through optimizing automation and empowering technical support to expand their responsibilities. Other initiatives include ongoing monitoring and trending of adverse drug events and participating in the automated medical record and physician order entry system that are being implemented and upgraded by UTMB.

The Central Pharmacy consists of an Order Entry Area, a Medication Distribution Area, a Compounding and Prepackaging Facility, a Sterile Products Area, a state-of-the-art Automated Distribution System, and a Controlled Substance Vault operation that utilizes unit based, automated cabinets. This central operation supports all inpatient care areas with the exception of areas supported by a satellite pharmacy. Satellite pharmacies are located in Shriner Burns Institute, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Hospital, the Oncology Clinic, and the Operating Room.

Brief description of each satellite:

  • Shriner Burns Institute Satellite Supports the 30-bed pediatric burn hospital. Unlike the other satellites, this operation functions completely independent of the central pharmacy. Satellite staff provide unit-dose distributive services including full IV admixture, extemporaneous compounding, and outpatient prescription services. The satellite staff also participate in medical rounds and discharge planning.

  • Texas Department of Criminal Justice Pharmacy Satellite provides pharmacy services to the 168-bed TDCJ hospital which operates as a secure medical facility for the provision of inpatient and ambulatory care to the inmate patients. The TDCJ satellite works in cooperation with the TDCJ Managed Health Care System (TDCJ/MHC) to provide the most timely and cost-effective care possible for the prison inmate. This staff facilitates the discharge planning process to ensure seamless care from the hospital back to the prison.

  • Operating Room (OR) Pharmacy Satellite Located on the second floor of the John Sealy Hospital, the OR Satellite provides pharmacy services to the Department of Anesthesia for 60 cases per day including CABG, orthopedics, cosmetics, cataracts, kidney and liver transplantation, trauma, and many others. The OR pharmacist provides drug information, dispenses medications, controls and reconciles narcotics, and works with the Anesthesia Department to identify cost effective drug utilization opportunities.

  • Oncology Clinic Pharmacy Satellite The oncology satellite provides pharmacy services to patients in the UHC Ambulatory Oncology Clinic. The oncology clinic satellite provides patient education, compounding and dispensing chemotherapy agents and IV admixtures, ensuring adherence to hospital chemotherapy protocols, and providing drug information to clinic staff.