Graduation Requirements

  1. Qualifying/Comprehensive Examination
  2. Application for Candidacy Submitted (Application form, research proposal)
  3. Application for Candidacy Approved by Dean (prerequisite to registering for Dissertation)
  4. Request for Final Oral Submitted (Two weeks before final oral)
  5. Report of Final Oral Signed and Submitted
  6. Schedule Appointment with Sandy Youngblood to obtain final graduation paperwork.
  7. Final Copy of Dissertation Checked and Approved by Dean's Office prior to Duplication
  8. Submit final unbound copy of dissertation with:
    • Survey of Earned Doctorates
    • Copyright Disclaimer (signed and dated)
    • Microfilm Agreement Form
    • Two copies of title page and abstract
    • Picture
    • Complete Graduate Information Forms
    • Benchmarking Survey - Graduation (an email notification will be sent to you)
  9. Exit Interview with Dean (optional)
  10. Clear with Registrar's Office
    • Graduation Fee Paid
    • Diploma Name Card
    • Hold on Record
GSBS Graduation Requirements