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photo of older people engaged in physical sctivity and falls studies

Clinical Trials

The Sealy Center on Aging (SCoA) supports clinical trials and is proactively looking for industry trial opportunities. We are increasing clinical trial capacity and improving the processes that facilitate clinical trial initiation, regulatory support, and coordination. SCoA has increased staff support and restructured the Clinical Research Resource Core and Volunteer Registry to better assist investigators in their regulatory needs and subject recruitment.

SCoA is currently participating in two large clinical trials funded by the NIH and PCORI:

In addition, work on our electronic health record (EHR) system conducted as part of a UT System grant has positioned SCoA at the forefront for use of our EHR for clinical trials, leading to our inclusion as a clinical site in the STRIDE Study.

Volunteer Registry

The Volunteer Registry
Phone: 1-800-298-7015

Senior volunteers (age 55 and over) are invited to join the Volunteer Registry. The Registry is a list of volunteers interested in contributing to research studies on the health and well-being of older persons. Aging research participants also have a chance to learn more about their own health.

Open Trials

Clinical Trials in Open Recruitment

Click the study title to view a recruitment flyer with information about volunteering:

Principal Investigator

IRB Number

Study Title

Open Recruitment




Self-monitoring activity: a randomized trial of game-oriented applications (SMARTGOAL)

Breast Cancer Survivors Only

Eloisa Martinez



Prevalence of Malnutrition and/or Sarcopenia on Hospital Admission (MASS)

At UTMB Hospital

Shawn Goodlett



The Effects of a 4-week PT Intervention on Posture, Physical Intervention, Pulmonary Function, and Patient Perspectives

At PT Clinics

Lynn Hughes



Identifying Therapeutic Targets of Accelerated Sarcopenia (ASID-EX)

Diabetic Subjects Only

Paula Skinkis



Support Group Toolkit for Breast Cancer Survivors

Breast Cancer Survivors Only

Eloisa Martinez



Translating Muscle anabolic Strategies into Interventions to Accelerate Recovery from Hospitalization in Geriatric Patients (GRAMS)

At UTMB Hospital

Shawn Goodlett



The Physiological Effects of Intranasal Oxytocin on Sarcopenic Obesity

BMI > 42 Only

Tutu (Adetutu Odejimi)



Bed Rest in Accelerated Sarcopenia Study (BRASS)

Diabetic Subjects Only

Paula Skinkis



Combining Testosterone Therapy and Exercise to Improve Function Post Hip Fracture (STEP-HI) - Press Release

Post Hip Fracture women Only

Eloisa Martinez



Molecular Transducers of Physical Activity Consortium (MoTrPAC) University of Texas Adult Clinical Center

Pre-Recruitment Activities

Jessica Spahn



A Phase I Randomized Clinical Trial of In-hospital and Post-hospital Whey Protein vs. Low Quality Protein vs. Isocaloric Placebo Supplementation to Improve Recovery from Hospitalization in Older Adults in Older Adults (GRIPS)

At UTMB Hospital

Shawn Goodlett

Past Trials

Clinical Trials No Longer Recruiting

IRB Number

Project Title


Nutrition & Exercise to Improve Protein Metabolism & Prevent Sarcopenia in Aging


A Non-Invasive Assessment of Skeletal Muscle Loss in Cancer Patients


Effects of Amino Acids on Regional Lipid Metabolism


Pilot Study to Discover Predictors of Muscle Loss with Aging


Skeletal Muscle Microvascular Perfusion and the Obesity Paradox in CHF


Role of Skeletal Muscle Nitric Oxide Production in Age-Related Fatigue and Fatigability


Nutrition and Anabolic Interventions in Cancer Cachexia - Head/Neck Cancer


Pilot Study of Losartan and N-acetylcysteine as Inhibitors of Muscle Oxidative Stress in Elderly


ASPREE: ASPirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly


Feasibility Study of Post-hospitalization Interventions to Improve Physical Function in Older Adults (PACE)


IMPACT: Inactivity Monitoring and Physical Activity Controlled Trial


STEP AND GO: Study of Technology-based Exercise Promotion


Open Acute Study: Effects of Post-Exercise Whey Peptide on Muscle mTOR Signaling and Protein Synthesis in Healthy Young and Older Adults


Fall risk reduction in the elderly through the Physical Therapy management of incontinence: a pilot study


Effect of Specific Amino Acids on Human Muscle Protein Synthesis


Economic and Humanistic Impact of Low Peak Inspiratory Flow Rate (PIFR) In COPD Patients: An Observational Analysis


Nutrient Sensing and Signaling in Aging Muscle


Strategies to Reduce Injuries and Develop confidence in Elders (STRIDE)


Effect of Whey Protein Hydrolysate on Human Muscle Protein Synthesis

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