A new study on using technology to increase physical activity is recruiting. Researchers are looking for women aged 65 – 85 who have daily access to a smartphone and who are interested in participating.

If you participate, we will provide you with a wearable activity monitor to wear on your wrist and brief counseling on your physical activity levels. Participants will be assigned to one of two different groups randomly, like flipping a coin. Your group will either emphasize 1) monitoring your steps or 2) playing a game with weekly walking challenges. The challenges will involve taking pictures on your smartphone while you walk and then sharing them with other participants in a private Facebook group. We will provide parking as necessary and gift cards per participant for those who complete the study. Participants will be able to keep their Fitbit monitors.

In addition to the age criteria, several other eligibility criteria include:

  • The study will last for 18 months.
  • Not currently physically active (<150 minutes of physical activity per week)
  • BMI between 18 – 40
  • Physical activity is safe for you 

CONTACT INFORMATION: Lakesha Golliday, 409-266-9630,

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