GRIPS (Geriatric Recovery Using Inpatient and Post-hospitalization Supplementation)

The Sealy Center on Aging is seeking volunteers ages 65 and older who are currently hospitalized for a study on in-hospital and post-hospitalization nutritional supplementation. For further information please contact Shawn Goodlett at (409) 266-7590 or

The GRIPS study is investigating how nutritional supplementation during and after hospitalization might accelerate recovery to help seniors regain their independence. Participants in our study will receive one of three randomly selected supplements: whey protein supplement, collagen protein supplement, or energy placebo supplement. Twice each day during the hospital stay, study coordinators will bring peach tea flavored supplements for the patient to drink.

Participants will answer questionnaires, complete tests of physical function, and measurements of body composition. At hospital discharge, participants will be given the same supplement to continue at home for the next month. One month after hospital discharge, participants return to UTMB for study follow-up. During the 1-hour follow-up appointment, participants will answer follow-up questionnaires, complete tests of physical function, and repeat measurements of body composition.

Participants will be compensated for time and parking.

Eligible participants include individuals who are: 

  • Age 65 years or older
  • Admitted to UTMB Jennie Sealy Hospital for any acute medical condition
  • Not wheelchair-bound, in late-stage liver disease, in end-stage renal disease, or receiving dialysis
  • Not diagnosed with cancer currently or in Palliative care/Hospice
  • English speaking and able to consent
  • Not currently in COVID isolation

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