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External funding for aging research totaled less than $1.5 million a year in 1995 and has grown to more than $17 million per year in 2015. The Sealy Center on Aging (SCOA) activities have brought $90 million of research dollars to UTMB over the past five years, with an average return on the investment of $17 per dollar invested by the institution.

SCOA provides support to write and apply for center and infrastructure grants, making sure to diversify sources of outside funding. The Center also provides institutional matching dollars for grant mechanisms.

Infrastructure Grants

The Center supports four major areas of investigation, geriatric education, and community outreach that are anchored by large externally funded center-type grants:

  • Medical Effectiveness:
    CPRIT Award and AHRQ R24
  • Hispanic Aging:
    WHO/PAHO and large R01s
  • Muscle Aging:
    NIH P30 Pepper Center and U01s
  • Implementation:
    UT System Awards, PCORI, and NIA U01
  • Geriatric Education:
    NIH T32, NIH T35, and HRSA
  • Community Outreach:
    RSVP grant

Current PI Funding

The list below includes SCOA core investigators and those whom the Center provides major ongoing support.

Principal Investigator Project Title Sponsor Project Period
Eschbach, K. Social and Spatial Determinants of Melanoma in Hispanics, A Mixed-methods Study National Institutes of Health 3/15/2015-3/14/2017
Goodwin, J.S. Comparative Effectiveness Research of Cancer in Texas Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas 8/1/2010-3/31/2016
Goodwin, J.S. Health of Older Minorities National Institute on Aging 5/1/2010-4/30/2016
Goodwin, J.S. Patient Centered Outcomes Research in the Elderly Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality 5/1/2013-4/30/2018
Goodwin, J.S. Care of the Elder Hospitalized Patient: The Role of Hospitalists National Institute on Aging 9/1/2010-8/31/2018
Goodwin, J.S. Established Investigator Award in Cancer Preventive and Control National Cancer Institute 9/1/2010-8/31/2020
Graham, J.E. Archiving Four New Datasets from the Longitudinal Hispanic EPESE Study National Institute on Aging 9/30/2013-6/30/2016
Lyons, E. LEVEL UP: Video Games for Activity in Breast Cancer Survivors National Cancer Institute 9/1/2014-8/31/2018
Lyons, E. Self-Monitoring Activity: A Randomized Trial of Game-Oriented Applications American Cancer Society 11/15/2014-11/14/2020
Markides, K. Clinical and Behavioral Science Training in Aging and Health Disparities National Institute on Aging 4/15/2015-4/14/2020
Markides, K. Longitudinal Study of Mexican American Elderly Health National Institute on Aging 4/1/2010-12/31/2018
Ottenbacher, K. Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Research Training Department of Education 10/1/2011-9/30/2016
Ottenbacher, K. Rehabilitation Research Career Development Program National Institute of Child Health and Human Development 9/25/2007-8/31/2017
Ottenbacher, K. Hospital Readmission and Inpatient Medical Rehabilitation National Institute of Child Health and Human Development 7/5/2012-4/30/2016
Ottenbacher, K. Center for Large Data Research & Data Sharing in Rehabilitation National Institute on Disability Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research 9/18/2015-6/30/2020
Ottenbacher, K. Readmission and Disability Outcomes Related to Post Acute Care Department of Education 10/1/2014-9/30/2018
Paddon-Jones, D. Distributed Protein Intake, Whey Protein and Aging Dairy Council of California 6/1/2013-7/31/2016
Paddon-Jones, D. Preserving muscle mass and function in bedridden older adults National Institute of Nursing Research 2/15/2012-12/31/2016
Paddon-Jones, D. Whey protein, aging and physical activity Dairy Research Institute 9/1/2012-12/31/2016
Rasmussen, B. Nutrient Sensing and Signaling in Aging Muscle National Institute on Aging 9/30/2015-8/31/2016
Sharma, G. Integrated Computer Based Clinical Decision Support System to improve care transition of patients hospitalized for Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) University of Texas System 10/1/2010-9/30/2016
Sharma, G. Systems engineering to provide integrated care for patients with COPD University of Texas System 6/1/2012-4/15/2016
Sharma, G. Economic and Humanistic Impact of low Peak Inspiratory Flow Rate (PIFR) In COPD Patients: An Observational Analysis Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc. 8/12/2015-8/11/2016
Sheffield Moore, M. Growth Hormone or Sildenafil Therapies for Fatigue in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Transitional Learning Center 7/1/2014-6/30/2017
Sheffield Moore, M. Amino Acids and Inflammatory Burden in Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury Transitional Learning Center 10/1/2014-9/30/2016
Sheffield Moore, M. Amino acid and inflammatory profiles in an animal model of traumatic brain injury (TBI) Moody Endowment, The 1/16/2015-1/15/2016
Sheffield Moore, M. Traumatic Brain Injury and the Gut Microbiota Moody Endowment, The 3/1/2015-2/29/2016
Sidossis, L. Mitigation of the Catecholamine Surge in Severely Burned Patients National Institute for General Medical Sciences 5/1/2012-8/31/2017
Sidossis, L. Mechanism for the Acute and Chronic Effects of Non-pungent Capsinoid Supplementation on Resting Energy Expenditure and Substrate Metabolism Ajinomoto Co., Inc. 5/8/2013-5/7/2016
Sidossis, L. Effect of brown adipose tissue activation on insulin sensitivity in humans American Diabetes Association 1/1/2014-12/31/2016
Urban, R. Long-Term Testosterone Project Moody Endowment, The 4/3/2012-3/31/2016
Urban, R. Anterior Pituitary Dysfunction and TBI Moody Endowment, The 4/3/2012-4/2/2016
Volpi, E. A Randomized Trial of a Multifactorial Fall Injury Prevention Strategy National Institute on Aging 6/1/2014-5/31/2019
Volpi, E. UTMB Claude Pepper Older Americans Independence Center National Institute on Aging 6/1/2010-4/30/2020
Volpi, E. ASPirin in Reducing the Effects on the Elderly National Institute on Aging 2/25/2013-6/30/2015
Volpi, E. RSVP of Galveston County (Federal Award) Corporation for National & Community Service 5/31/2015-4/30/2020
Volpi, E. RSVP of Galveston County (State Award) Corporation for National & Community Service 4/1/2015-3/31/2018
Volpi, E. Medical Student Teaching in Aging Research Program – University of Texas (UT-MSTAR) National Institute on Aging
(Subcontract – UTHSC-San Antonio)
Wong, R. MHAS Cognitive Aging Ancillary Study National Institute on Aging 9/30/2014-5/31/2016
Wong, R. The Mexican Health and Aging Study - II National Institute on Aging 4/15/2011-3/31/2016
Wong, R. Health of Older Minorities National Institute on Aging 5/1/2011-4/30/2016
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