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photos of seniors engaged in volunteering for research

Join the Volunteer Registry! Participate in Aging Research at the UTMB Sealy Center on Aging

Senior volunteers are invited to participate in research. Volunteering is rewarding. Most studies pay for transportation and/or participation!

UTMB researchers with a special interest in physical function, strength and recovery from illness are presently recruiting subjects for their studies. Volunteers learn more about their health and participate in clinical trials focused on helping older adults retain, improve, and recover basic muscle function as well as recover from illness as they age. After you register, a UTMB investigator may send you information about an opportunity to participate in a study. You are never under any obligation to participate in a study.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact us. We will determine if you are eligible to participate in our current studies. Your information will then be put on a confidential list. Remember, this does not obligate you in any way to participate.

Please call with any questions regarding participating in the exciting research currently underway at UTMB: (800) 298-7015

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