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RSVP Volunteer Program of Galveston County (RSVP) Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

"The Sealy Center on Aging is honored and committed to support such meaningful outreach and engagement among the senior community."
- Dr. Elena Volpi, Director of UTMB Sealy Center on Aging

Senior Corps RSVP Video

Senior Corps RSVP Video


More about RSVP

More about RSVP of Galveston County

The UTMB Sealy Center on Aging has supported RSVP of Galveston County since 2002. RSVP is one of the largest volunteer networks in the nation for people 55 and over. Volunteers are engaged in projects supporting food and diaper banks, veterans, adult day programming, LGBT youth and adults, Meals on Wheels, health education and many other areas. RSVP volunteers choose how, where, and how often they want to serve, with commitments ranging from a few hours to 40 hours per week. Volunteers receive pre-service orientation, training from the organization where they will serve, and supplemental insurance while on duty.

Under the authority of the Domestic Volunteer Service Act, the Corporation for National and Community Service provides grants to qualified agencies and organizations for the dual purpose of engaging persons 55 and older in volunteer service to meet critical community needs; and of providing a high quality experience that will enrich the lives of volunteers.

Become a Volunteer

You can use the skills and talents you've learned over the years, or develop new ones while serving in a variety of volunteer activities within your community.

We value your time. Our funding agency, The Corporation for National and Community Service estimates a 12-fold return on investment of senior's time in programs like ours. In 2017, RSVP volunteers served over 12,000 hours among 18 non-profit agencies. That translates to $296,280 in valuable donated volunteer efforts among the non-profit sector in Galveston County communities.

We hold an annual luncheon with prizes from businesses across the county to show appreciation for your efforts and gather together for a wonderful time.

Who We Serve



Community Information Event

photo of group of people seated in fellowship hall with a woman presenting

Representatives from Galveston County non-profit organizations and the RSVP Volunteer Program presented about ongoing volunteer opportunities on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at Moody Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, Galveston, TX. Members of the community age 55 or older were invited to attend this free event. Presentations were given about Gulf Coast Center - Veteran Support Services, HIS Ministries, Libbie's Place Senior Day Program, MI Lewis, City of Santa Fe Resiliency Center and others.

Nonviolence and Peace Workshop

photo collage

On July 12th, 2018, Ramona Benton, RSVP Volunteer, along with her team, conducted a one-day workshop about non-violence and peace by virtue of Dr. Martin Luther King's teachings. RSVP Director, Ritchie Adoue received her certificate of participation. Ramona will be scheduling another workshop in the future on behalf of RSVP. Harold Love, the youngest presenter team member, is the grandson of a 90 year-old RSVP volunteer.

Reopening of MI Lewis Social Service Center

group photo of ribbon cutting

The MI Lewis Social Service Center food pantry held its grand re-opening ceremony on July 9th, 2018. The pantry is one of the RSVP volunteer locations and was completely destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. Ritchie Adoue, Director, RSVP Volunteer Program thanks everyone who supported the food pantry for their generous support!
View photos of the event

Meeting US Representative Gabby Giffords

photo of two women with RSVP logo

RSVP Director Meets Gabby Giffords July 2018

“Proud of RSVP Director Ritchie Adoue meeting with Gabby Giffords to talk about the work her RSVP vol[unteer]s are doing in Santa Fe as they heal from the recent shooting tragedy.” - CNCS Texas Office Tweet

RSVP Volunteers help with Harvey Cleanup

photo collage with text, Thank You

Geriatrics and Medicine Services at UTMB, SCoA staff & RSVP Volunteers supported Harvey relief with help with clean up and donations for those affected by the hurricane.

Poverty Simulation

RSVP Poverty Simulation flyer

Event Brochure Photos

The RSVP Senior Volunteer Program at SCoA sponsored a one-day Poverty Simulation on March 15, 2017 that gave over 90 participants the opportunity to experience a month living in poverty. Overall, 68% of attendees reported an increase in their level of understanding of the circumstances of poverty after participating in the simulation. Some comments included, "I was surprised how fast I jumped into a role of survival" and "I was confused by the places I had to go, the coldness of trying to get help and the desperation I felt". Thanks to Ritchie Adoue, Program Director for the RSVP program and Rob Ruffner with GCMAP for organizing this event.

Mayor's Day of Recognition

photo of document and director

Galveston area mayors proclaim April 7th, 2015 as the first annual Day of Recognition Honoring Volunteer and Community Service. Special thanks to Ritchie Adoue!

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