Many research groups within the SCSB have developed software packages and web-based services of interest to the community. Please follow the links below to download the programs for your own use or to access the services online.

  • Structural Database of Allergenic Proteins
    Investigations regarding sequence and structural determinants of allergenicity, allergens motifs, and database mining for the identification of potential allergens.
    This is software for efficient molecular modeling of proteins in torsional angle space.
    GETAREA is a web interface to solvent accessible surface area calculations.
  • InterProSurf
    InterProSurf is designed to predict the most likely sites on proteins to interact with other proteins, such as toxin elements, cell receptors and other proteins that make up virus capsids.
    MPACK is a homology modeling package that integrates several packages from our group: PCPmer to identify conserved regions, EXDIS to extract angle and distance constraints, DIAMOD to generate protein models from geometric constraints, and FANTOM to optimize the protein geometry with the ECEPP force field.
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