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Fixation and permeabilization protocol (Adapted from Sonny)

Jan 14, 2021, 12:52 PM by Guy Nir

For STORM I’m using 35 mm MatTek dishes. Their surface area is ~8 times smaller than 100 mm dish. If I’m splitting IMR90 1:5, then I’m taking 1 volume of that and diluting 1:8, in total, a dilution of 1:40 and then seed 8 35 mm dishes, 2 ml each. Once it’s confluent, I fix and permeabilize.

For seeding without having to grow the cells on the MatTek dishes, I first clean and cover the glass-bottom with Poly-l-lysine. Following trypsinization, I resuspend the cells in 4 ml, and pipette 100 ul into each glass-bottom, so 1:40 dilution, then incubate at 37c for ~4 hours.

*** try splitting 1:5, dispense 100 ul into each plate and incubate overnight (NO poly-l-lysine), and fix next day.

Fixation and permeabilization protocol (Adapted from Sonny)              9/22/15

1. Trypsinize a confluent 100 mm dish, centrifuge (1200 rpm for IMR90) and resuspend in 4 ml media. That should be sufficient for 20 slides.
2. Dispense 200 μl of cell suspension onto a poly-L-Lysine slide.
3. Place in 37c for ~ 4 hours, 5 slides per 100 mm dish.
4. All steps from this point on are made at RT.
5. Align two slides back-to-back, tilt to remove excess liquid and quickly dip in a PBS-filled coplin jar.
6. Place 5 back-to-back slides (a total of 10) in a colplin jar filled with 40 ml of fixation buffer and fix for 10 minutes. Fixation buffer: 10 ml 16% ParaFormAldehyde (PFA, final conc. 4%), 4 ml 10X PBS and 26 ml 7. UltraPure Water (UPW).
7. Repeat step 5.
8. Permeabilize for 10 minutes in a coplin jar. Permeabilization buffer: 0.5% Triton-X-100 (200 μl) in PBS. Store at cold room. Slides are stable for at least a couple of months.
9. Picture attached.

Fixated and permeabilized IMR90 cells on slides. Stored at a cold room in PBS.
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