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Interested in Joining?

The Sealy Center for Vaccine Development's Clinical Trials Volunteer Registry is a list of people who may be interested in participating in vaccine clinical trials. By completing and returning the Registry form you are agreeing that we can contact you with information about studies we may do in the future.

This Registry and all of the studies are approved by UTMB's Office of Human Research Subject Protection Institutional Review Board (IRB). An IRB is a committee that ensures the rights and welfare of human research subjects are protected.

The information in the form is to provide us with the means to contact you. The collected data is entered into a secure database for future reference by members of SCVD's Clinical Trials Group, when recruiting volunteers for clinical trials. Access to the Registry is restricted to members of the SCVD CTG, under the direction of Richard Rupp, MD.

You are under no obligation to participate in any study and may withdraw at any time from the Registry. When an individual withdraws, all associated data will be deleted from the database.

You do not have to complete the Registry form. Whether or not you complete the form will not affect the care you receive at UTMB.

Click here to complete and submit the CTG Registry form online.

More Information

Background: Clinical trials assess the safety and efficacy (effectiveness) of new drugs, vaccines and devices in human subjects. Because vaccines prevent serious diseases, vaccine clinical trials usually need healthy volunteers. Identifying healthy people who are interested in clinical trial participation can be challenging and time-consuming. A clinical trial registry is an important tool to help reduce the time needed for subject identification and recruitment, making new vaccines available sooner for everybody's benefit. This is particularly important for the rapid development of vaccines for global health threats, such as the H1N1 swine flu pandemic of 2009 and the potential threat of H7N9 bird flu in 2013.

Purpose: The purpose of this Registry is to develop and maintain a list of volunteers who have expressed an interest in vaccine clinical trial participation, and are willing to be contacted about possible study participation.

Objective: The objective is to have a pre-identified pool of potential study subjects to facilitate timely enrollment into future clinical trials.

Click here to complete and submit the CTG Registry form online.


Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about participation in the Registry, would like more information or you wish to withdraw yourself and/or your child you should call (409) 772-5278 or email scvd.ctg@utmb.edu.

You may also contact UTMB's Office of Human Research Subject Protection at (409) 266-9475.

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