The real heroes in vaccine research are the volunteers. By participating in studies they help with the development of new and better vaccines to protect us all.

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What are clinical studies or trials?

Clinical studies or trials look at new ways to prevent, detect, or treat disease. They are vital during vaccine development as they check to see if a new vaccine works and is safe in humans.

Why do people volunteer?

People take part in clinical trials for various reasons. Vaccine studies usually need healthy volunteers and those volunteers say they want to help others and to advance medical science. Participating in vaccine clinical trials offers an opportunity to help researchers prevent disease


Where can you find more information about clinical trials?

If you would like more general information about research studies and volunteering, the below list of websites is a good place to start:

    1. About Clinical Studies at ClinicalTrials.gov
    2. NIH Clinical Research Trials and You - from the National institutes of Health (NIH)
    3. Clinical Trials: What Patients Need to Know - from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
    4. Should Your Child be in a Clinical Trial - also from the FDA
    5. Clinical Trials - from MedLine Plus
    6. Clinical Trials - from CenterWatch
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