SCVD Faculty

Scott C Weaver, PhDScott C Weaver, PhD

Dr. Weaver's research focuses on the pathogenesis, ecology, and genetics of arthropod-borne viruses, especially alphaviruses and dengue, and on vaccine development. His vaccine development work focuses primarily on the encephalitic alphaviruses, including Venezuelan (VEEV), eastern (EEEV) and western equine encephalitis viruses (WEEV), which are important, naturally emerging pathogens as well as highly developed biological weapons, as well as chikungunya virus (CHIKV), which has recently reemerged to cause millions of cases of severe and often chronic arthralgia in Africa and Asia. Dr. Weaver's current ecologic studies include VEEV in southern Mexico as well as sylvatic dengue and CHIKV in West Africa. Another area of interest and current funding is the mechanisms of arbovirus transmission by mosquito vectors.

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