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85000 ABC – America's Best Charities
www.independentcharities.org Feeding the hungry. Sheltering the homeless. Prote - 1.27%
85401 Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty
www.acton.org Support research and education promoting a society - 14.17%
85056 Adoptable Children (North American Council)
www.nacac.org More than 101,000 foster children need adoptive fa - 10.42%
85300 Adoption Center
www.adopt.org Help find loving families for U.S. children with b - 7.96%
85155 Adoptions by Cradle of Hope
www.cradlehope.org Help an abandoned child! We provide adoption servi - 20.28%
85301 Aid For Starving Children
www.aidforstarvingchildren.org One child dying of hunger every twelve seconds – m - 3.70%
85059 Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation
www.AlexsLemonade.org A four-year-old cancer patient's front-yard lemona - 11.87%
85329 Allergy and Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics, Inc.
www.aanma.org Asthma and allergies afflict millions with frighte - 19.88%
85403 Alley Cat Rescue
www.saveacat.org Stray, abandoned and feral cats are neglected. Hea - 8.45%
85356 Alopecia Areata Foundation National
www.naaf.org Provides major research funding, patient education - 17.14%
85330 Alzheimer's Foundation of America
www.alzfdn.org Providing programs and services, including caregiv - 9.69%
85194 Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation
www.AlzheimersPrevention.org Help fight Alzheimer's disease and find a cure thr - 4.28%
85113 Alzheimer's Research Foundation, Fisher Center
www.ALZinfo.org Unique research into cause, care and cure of Alzhe - 11.90%
85004 America's VetDogs - the Veteran's K-9 Corps, Inc.
www.VetDogs.org Trains and places guide, service, hearing and PTSD - 23.58%
85175 American Association for Cancer Research
www.aacrfoundation.org We fund groundbreaking scientific cancer research - 9.74%
85005 American Freedom Foundation, Inc.
www.americanfreedomfoundation.org Honors, serves and supports veterans, active duty - 14.19%
85091 American Humane Association
www.americanhumane.org Protecting millions of children and animals from a - 23.45%
85271 American Indian College Fund
www.collegefund.org Native Americans account for only 1% of college st - 24.66%
85331 American Sexual Health Association
www.ashasexualhealth.org Working to raise awareness about sexual health and - 19.08%
85302 Amigos de las Americas
www.amigosinternational.org The world needs multi-cultural leaders! We are doi - 18.20%
85332 Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and OCD Education and Research Foundation
www.adaa.org Anxiety disorders, depression, OCD, and PTSD, are - 9.60%
85405 Arthritis National Research Foundation
www.curearthritis.org We fund research to cure arthritis and develop new - 9.21%
85131 Asian Children's Rescue & Relief Fund
www.AsianChildrensAssist.org Saving Asian abandoned, orphaned, destitute, and h - 19.39%
85021 ASPCA: American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
www.aspca.org Staged dog fights to the death. Puppy factories wi - 24.30%
85158 Autism Intervention and Treatment Research – Organization for Autism Resear
www.researchautism.org Parents of children with autism never stop seeking - 17.41%
85142 Autism Society of America
www.autism-society.org 1 in 68 children diagnosed with autism--that's nea - 18.55%
85011 Autoimmune Diseases Association
www.aarda.org Autoimmunity causes Lupus, Arthritis, Celiac, MS, - 7.33%
85229 Baptist Charities of America
www.baptistcharities.net Disabled children and adults dependent on others f - 7.49%
85230 BCFS Health and Human Services
www.bchm.net Abused, neglected and abandoned children. Expectan - 1.85%
85231 Believe In Tomorrow National Children's Foundation
www.believeintomorrow.org Keeping families together during medical crisis. W - 4.82%
85116 Best Buddies for Children and Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Di
www.bestbuddies.org Children with intellectual disabilities often expe - 16.19%
85333 Big Cat Rescue Corp
www.bigcatrescue.org Tigers confined to circus wagons. Lions bred for p - 9.88%
85013 Birth Defect Research for Children, Inc.
www.birthdefects.org Hundreds of thousands of children are suffering. M - 9.11%
85304 Boone and Crockett Club
www.boone-crockett.org Upholding Theodore Roosevelt's vision, we're prote - 17.52%
85358 Brain Injury Association of America
www.BIAUSA.org Brain injury happens anytime, to anyone, anywhere. - 9.08%
85002 Brain Tumor Association, American (ABTA)
www.abta.org Advancing the understanding and treatment of brain - 22.46%
85214 Breast Cancer African American, Sisters Network
www.sistersnetworkinc.org Speaking with one voice, we save lives by empoweri - 14.94%
85306 Cancer Coalition, The National
www.nationalcancercoalition.org Help us defeat cancer and chronic disease worldwid - 18.61%
85216 Cancer Curing Society
www.gerson.org Healing with nature. We help thousands recover fro - 23.01%
85360 Cancer Research America - NFCR
www.NFCR.org If you agree that world-class, cutting-edge resear - 23.11%
85170 Cancer Research and Assistance - VHL
www.vhl.org VHLA: committed to finding a cure for VHL, a genet - 11.77%
85213 Cancer Research Fund of the Damon Runyon - Walter Winchell Foundation
www.damonrunyon.org To accelerate breakthroughs, we provide today's be - 15.26%
85176 Canine Assistants
www.canineassistants.org Teaching great dogs for special people. Invest in - 5.77%
85104 Canines for Disabled Kids
www.caninesforkids.org Autism silences a child's laugh. Disability halts - 18.65%
85014 CASA - Court Appointed Advocates for Abused Children
www.casaforchildren.org Every child deserves a safe, permanent home. Suppo - 14.00%
85253 Catholic Relief Services - USCCB
www.crs.org Rushes food, clothing, shelter, water and comfort - 7.28%
85018 Catholics For The Poor and Needy Worldwide
www.catholicvolunteernetwork.org Serving in faith, transforming through love! We co - 7.34%
85335 Celiac Central, Beyond Celiac
www.BeyondCeliac.org Help save millions of lives, billions of dollars. - 3.07%
85195 Challenger Center for Space Science Education
www.challenger.org Engaging students and teachers in dynamic explorat - 8.37%
85410 Child Family Health International
www.cfhi.org Millions across the world experience preventable d - 9.23%
85196 Child Find of America
www.childfindofamerica.org Child kidnapping prevention and location specialis - 9.52%
85307 Child Rescue International
www.mwb.org Children abandoned, orphaned, hungry, lost and lon - 13.91%
85233 Childhelp
www.childhelp.org Five children die every day from child abuse and n - 6.56%
85198 Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation
www.childhoodbraintumor.org Where would you turn if your child had a critical - 9.29%
85336 Children Awaiting Parents
www.ChildrenAwaitingParents.org Dedicated to finding loving, adoptive homes for ab - 11.05%
85272 Children of the Night
www.childrenofthenight.org Rescues America's children from the ravages of pro - 13.79%
85273 Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation
www.ChildrensCancerRecovery.org Creating smiles and inspiring hope for kids with c - 18.90%
85275 Children's Hunger Fund
www.childrenshungerfund.org Feeding the hungry at home and abroad. Food, cloth - 5.53%
85033 Children's Medical Ministries
www.childmed.org Compassionate healthcare volunteers providing free - 2.14%
85179 Children's Organ Transplant Association
www.cota.org COTA gives hope to children and young adults who n - 14.67%
85028 Christian Care International-Food and Medicine for People In Need
www.skycross.org Serve those in need. Help us provide nonperishable - 3.79%
85411 Christian Comics: God's Word through the World's Most Popular Literature
www.comix35.org Millions internationally don't have access to Gosp - 16.66%
85060 Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc. (COPS)
www.nationalcops.org Grief support and resources for surviving families - 7.82%
85161 Conservation and Protection of Public Lands
www.publicland.org Fighting to keep America's Public Lands in public - 12.69%
85178 Correctional Peace Officers Foundation
www.cpof.org Nonprofit charity for Correctional Officers and th - 21.47%
85031 Cure Alzheimer's Fund
www.curealz.org Research is the only path to progress. We're fundi - 7.15%
85365 Deaf Children's Literacy Project
www.cuedspeech.org Most deaf children are behind in English language - 4.53%
85366 Delta Research and Educational Foundation
www.deltafoundation.net Promotes research which identifies solutions to is - 17.18%
85025 Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation
www.diabetes-action.org Funding innovative, promising research to prevent, - 3.25%
85367 Direct Relief
www.directrelief.org Providing essential medical resources to the most - 0.92%
85038 Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust
cst.dav.org Empowering Veterans To Lead High-Quality Lives Wit - 2.87%
85368 Disabled Children's Fund
www.disabled-child.org Providing poor, disabled children worldwide with c - 1.78%
85369 Dogs Deserve Better
www.dogsdeservebetter.org Chained by the neck, penned without food or water, - 7.11%
85068 Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans (NEADS)
www.neads.org Independence and companionship for wounded warrior - 8.53%
85337 Dogs for the Deaf, Inc.
www.dogsforthedeaf.org Since 1977, Dogs for the Deaf has been rescuing, t - 12.89%
85370 Educate the Children
www.etc-nepal.org Empower women and children to overcome poverty, il - 13.69%
85279 Equine Land Conservation Resource
www.elcr.org No Land, No Horse. We lose 6,000 acres of open lan - 12.55%
85039 FACES: The National Craniofacial Association
www.faces-cranio.org Children with craniofacial disfigurements require - 17.24%
85235 Family Violence and Sexual Assault Institute
www.fvsai.org Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Child Maltreatm - 1.27%
85076 Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM)
www.farmusa.org Combating animal cruelty, environmental devastatio - 13.01%
85327 Fisher House Foundation
www.fisherhouse.org We build and donate Fisher Houses at military/VA m - 6.65%
85164 FRAXA Research Foundation
www.fraxa.org We aim to cure Fragile X, the foremost known cause - 8.98%
85373 Fund for Animals, The
www.fundforanimals.org Lifesaving animal sanctuaries and wildlife rehabil - 11.76%
85412 Gary Sinise Foundation
www.garysinisefoundation.org Build Smart Homes for severely wounded veterans, l - 8.49%
85310 Giving Children Hope
www.givingchildrenhope.org Rescuing children, providing lifesaving medicines - 0.88%
85256 Graves' Disease and Thyroid Foundation
www.gdatf.org Help and hope to patients with Graves' disease and - 10.39%
85374 Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc.
www.GuideDog.org Using innovative training methods, trains guide an - 14.33%
85290 Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc.
www.guidedogs.com Providing safety, independence and companionship t - 16.86%
85311 Guide Dogs of America
www.guidedogsofamerica.org Every seven minutes an American loses their sight - 20.03%
85312 Habitat for Humanity International
www.habitat.org Sweat equity. Christian housing ministry working t - 18.39%
85041 Help the Children
www.helpthechildren.org Help us alleviate childhood hunger and suffering! - 0.68%
85181 Herbal Medicine Institute
www.herbalgram.org We are passionate about helping people live health - 17.36%
85035 Hispanic Scholarship Fund
www.hsf.net HSF empowers Latino families with the knowledge an - 11.49%
85258 Homes for Our Troops
www.hfotusa.org We build mortgage-free, specially adapted homes na - 12.68%
85047 Hope For The Warriors
www.hopeforthewarriors.org Restore self, family and hope! Our programs suppor - 15.54%
85046 Hospice Foundation of America
www.hospicefoundation.org Supporting individuals through life-ending illness - 5.91%
85313 Humane Farm Animal Care
www.certifiedhumane.org Dairy cows confined in tie stalls, crated pigs can - 4.36%
85375 Humane Society of the United States
www.humanesociety.org Ending abuse of all animals: puppy mills, animal f - 21.14%
85376 In God We Trust Foundation, Inc.
www.InGodWeTrustFoundation.com Food assistance to deserving veterans and active d - 2.41%
85123 India Partners
www.indiapartners.org Partnering with indigenous Christian non-profits i - 22.50%
85280 Institute for Creation Research
www.icr.org Stand for the Truth! Science strongly supports the - 15.16%
85415 Jesuit Volunteer Corps
www.jesuitvolunteers.org Serving the poor in an ever-changing world. Suppor - 16.91%
85377 K.I.D.S. / Fashion Delivers, Inc.
www.donateproduct.com Providing new clothes, books, toys, and household - 0.70%
85182 Kidney Cancer Research and Education Association
www.kidneycancer.org We strive for a world without kidney cancer. Help - 4.71%
85126 Leukemia Clinical Research Foundation
 Leukemia can be cured! We live that dream by suppo - 5.42%
85378 Live Laugh Love Give, Inc.
www.LiveLaughLove.com/give Empowering children and families against dependenc - 0.71%
85379 Lung Cancer Alliance
www.lungcanceralliance.org Saving lives and advancing research through patien - 8.57%
85416 Lung Cancer Research Foundation, Bonnie J. Addario
www.lungcancerfoundation.org The #1 cancer killer is largely ignored, underfund - 10.02%
85417 Lutheran World Relief
www.lwr.org Affirming God's love for all people, we work with - 13.73%
85341 Lymphoma Foundation of America
www.lymphomahelp.org Mission:  We fund research to cure lymphoma and de - 1.16%
85343 Marine Corps - Law Enforcement Foundation
www.mc-lef.org Scholarships awarded to children of fallen, active - 1.06%
85344 Marine Corps League Foundation Inc.
www.mclfoundation.org We provide scholarships, youth programs, disaster - 14.79%
85345 Matthew 25: Ministries
www.m25m.org Helping the poorest of the poor. Providing disaste - 0.57%
85380 Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund
www.maldef.org MALDEF promotes and protects the civil rights of L - 15.84%
85049 Military Child Education Coalition
www.militarychild.org Four million military connected children navigate - 14.95%
85129 Military Officers Association of America Scholarship Fund
www.moaa.org/scholarshipfund 100% of all CFC donations provide interest-free lo - 1.31%
85346 Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation
www.mhopus.org Keep music alive for thousands of students! We don - 8.87%
85381 Multiple Sclerosis, Can Do
www.mscando.org I AM. I CAN. I WILL!™ Your donation transforms, em - 21.22%
85108 National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
www.missingkids.org Providing assistance to law enforcement and famili - 10.69%
85095 National Children's Advocacy Center
www.nationalcac.org Not every kid has a happy childhood. Let's change - 19.03%
85347 National FFA Foundation, Inc.
www.ffa.org We're forging a path for agricultural education st - 19.65%
85382 Operation Compassion
www.operationcompassion.org Help us distribute life sustaining food and suppli - 0.35%
85055 Operation Homefront
www.operationhomefront.net Be a caring Patriot! Support Operation Homefront's - 6.76%
85383 Parkinson's Research – The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Resear
www.michaeljfox.org One urgent goal: Eliminate Parkinson's disease in - 10.66%
85421 Paws With A Cause
www.pawswithacause.org Custom-trained Assistance Dogs enhance independenc - 19.98%
85423 Paws4Vets
www.paws4people.org Service dogs provided to wounded warriors with phy - 5.74%
85349 Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the United States, Inc.
www.curethekids.org Funds medical research for childhood brain tumors. - 23.16%
85224 PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
www.peta.org Fight cruelty. Save lives! Your gift makes a kinde - 11.97%
85203 PKD Foundation
www.pkdcure.org Accelerating treatments to patients with polycysti - 24.93%
85083 Planned Parenthood Federation of America
www.plannedparenthood.org Ensure access to affordable reproductive health ca - 22.51%
85422 Posse Foundation, Inc.
www.possefoundation.org Posse believes talented students, carefully select - 17.18%
85206 Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN)
www.rainn.org Runs National Sexual Assault Hotline; largest anti - 6.71%
85328 Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation
www.rls.org Help provide education and support to millions of - 20.79%
85225 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
www.rmef.org Ensures future of elk, other wildlife and our hunt - 10.20%
85322 Seeing Eye, Inc.
www.SeeingEye.org Enhancing lives by bringing independence, dignity - 14.67%
85260 Semper Fi Fund
www.SemperFiFund.org Immediate financial assistance and lifetime suppor - 6.21%
85352 Skin and Dental Dysfunction Foundation
www.nfed.org Provides dentures, support, and hope to children l - 6.20%
85384 Soldiers' Angels
www.soldiersangels.org Adaptive laptops for wounded warriors, VA assistan - 7.66%
85207 Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc.
www.guidedogs.org Paws for Independence and Paws for Patriots progra - 12.43%
85191 Spay-Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP)
www.snapus.org Homeless cats and dogs wander every neighborhood - - 11.17%
85385 Special Forces Family Fund
www.specialforcescharitabletrust.org In a Special Forces family, every member serves. S - 7.11%
85111 Special Operations Warrior Foundation
www.specialops.org Provide scholarship grants and counseling to child - 7.42%
85284 Spinal Cord Injury Network International
www.spinalcordinjury.org Auto accidents, falls and sports injuries. We assi - 1.19%
85065 Spondylitis Association of America
www.spondylitis.org A crippling form of spinal arthritis that strikes - 15.73%
85386 Suicide Awareness Voices of Education
www.save.org Suicide is preventable, but often the warning sign - 12.26%
85012 Sunshine Kids Foundation
www.sunshinekids.org Provides positive group activities for children wi - 12.97%
85264 Support Our Troops
www.SupportOurTroops.Org Don't abandon America's troops! They Support Us, L - 0.49%
85215 Take a Warrior Fishing
www.castforkids.org Wounded warriors, veterans, military personnel and - 9.73%
85208 Transplants, The National Foundation for
www.transplants.org Lifesaving organ and tissue transplants, medicatio - 13.86%
85353 Travis Manion Foundation
www.travismanion.org The Travis Manion Foundation empowers Veterans and - 17.69%
85354 USA Cares Inc.
www.usacares.org Emergency financial assistance for military and Ve - 23.03%
85008 Vegan Outreach
www.veganoutreach.org Saving farmed animals from a lifetime of misery by - 12.78%
85387 Veteran Tickets Foundation
www.VetTix.org Supporting our Military, Veterans and their Famili - 3.57%
85324 Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation
www.vfwfoundation.org Help VFW Foundation support US troops! Education s - 15.00%
85210 Wildlife Conservation Fund of America
www.sportsmensalliance.org/youth-programs We're exposing youth and families to the great out - 14.48%
85288 Wounded Warrior Emergency Support Fund
www.airwarriorcourage.org Honor our Wounded Warriors! We provide rehab servi - 1.86%
85388 Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation
www.wwiaf.org Serves our nation's combat wounded Purple Heart re - 6.78%

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