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Winner announced for Saltwater dinner, chance coming to win Rudy and Paco's gift card

Congratulations to Tina Jobe, a revenue cycle team leader in Contract Administration. She was the lucky winner of our first prize drawing for dinner for two to Saltwater Grill, randomly selected from among all the individuals who had pledged as of Friday, November 20.

Missed your chance? You will have one more opportunity; we'll feature one final drawing for a $25 gift certificate to Rudy and Paco's at the end of the campaign. Everyone who contributes will be eligible.

Feeling lucky? This is better than a night at the Star Wars Cantina…

Saltwater Grill

In Star Wars IV, the pirate city of Mos Eisley on the planet Tatooine is the site for a very happening cantina. Not to be outdone, Galveston has the most excellent Saltwater Grill, and two of our own very special intergalactic creatures will soon enjoy a free dinner, compliments of the Grill’s generous owners.

Make your pledge by midnight on Friday, Nov. 20 to be entered in a drawing for dinner for two at Saltwater Grill. We’ll announce the winner on Monday. And special thanks to the Jedi at Saltwater Grill for making this premium possible.

Almost as cool as a light saber: SECC USB charger offered as a token of appreciation

2015 Appreciation TokensWe know people don't make a pledge in exchange for a trinket or chance at a prize. Our long history with the SECC has taught us that people give for all the right reasons: out of commitment to their community or cause, because they feel it is a duty to give back, because it makes them feel good to share. Altruism and genuine generosity run deep among members of our UTMB community. However, we do have an opportunity to say thanks with a small token again this year, one that can remind you of your gift and the good it helps make possible.

For 2015, we have a limited number of SECC USB car chargers and snazzy ball point pens, a reminder that you exercised the power to do good. We'll send a charger or pen (once chargers are gone) as a "thank you" to every person who contributes this year.

UPDATE: The traders on Tatooine have delivered! There should now be enough 12V USB chargers to send one to all 2015 campaign participants!

Doubling down for 100 Percent

The Great and Powerful SECC ChairmanIn the Wizard of Oz (last year's campaign theme), the Great and Powerful Wizard really wasn’t that great or that powerful; when Toto pulled back the curtain, the truth was exposed. However, UTMB CIO Todd Leach, our 2014 SECC chairman, had a few magic levers and dials of his own, and he did have the power to put an exciting new incentive on the table. We've always highlighted and celebrated the areas that reach 100 percent participation in the campaign. Last year, each person in every area that reached 100 percent participation had the size of their email storage allotment increased by 100 megabytes. We called it 100 MBs for 100%. About 100 areas hit the mark.

The incentive returns this year, but the Great and Powerful Todd has sweetened the deal: in 2015, every person in areas that reach 100 percent participation will have their allotment increased by 200 MBs!

Keep track of your team's progress here: http://www.utmb.edu/secc/pledge/ParticipationByDept.asp




2015 State Employee Charitable Campaign "The Force is strong with this one."

Make Your Pledge
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