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June 2022
Mi Jung Lee

Mi Jung "MJ" Lee
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Nutrition, Metabolism and Rehabilitation Sciences

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Dr. Mi Jung "MJ" Lee is a research assistant professor in the Department of Nutrition, Metabolism, and Rehabilitation Science at UTMB. She is an occupational therapist with expertise in outcomes development and analytics.

Her research centers on enhancing health-related outcomes to support clinical decision-making processes by improving their reliability, efficiency, and translation to clinical practice. Throughout her doctoral and postdoctoral training at the University of Florida, she obtained training in health informatics and measurement science by completing a fellowship program at the University of Florida Informatics Institute (UFII) and a doctoral minor in Research Evaluation and Methodologies. The training included programming and applying clinical informatics (i.e., tree-based algorithms) and measurement models (i.e., unidimensional and multidimensional Rasch, Item Response Theory, Diagnostic Classification, and Latent Class Models). Furthermore, her current K12 training at UTMB is advancing my skills in informatics and data science. Elaborate data visualization, presentation, and machine learning analytical skills have allowed her to utilize large datasets to conduct rigorous research studies within the realm of health services research.

She is currently a Learning Health Systems Rehabilitation Research Network scholar, working with Cleveland Clinic to determine the value and impact of occupational therapy in acute care. Also, as PI, she is leading two research VA grants, utilizing data analytics methodologies to investigate healthcare utilization and identify rural Veterans at risk of institutionalization.

Dr. Lee smiles and stands in front of her poster.

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