UNAPP Opportunities

Mentored Research Projects

To increase the availability of qualified early career researchers in antiviral discovery research, UNAPP makes its unique resources available to senior post-doctoral fellows and new junior faculty by supporting Mentored Research Projects. Trainees conduct research using UNAPP’s world-class cores and technologies and work with teams who have extensive experience discovering hits and leads, designing and synthesizing drugs, and bringing preclinical candidates to IND.

Mentored Research Project support of up to $150,000 annual direct costs is currently available for well-qualified candidates interested in pursuing research careers in antiviral discovery and development. Awards support protected time for as well as costs associated with research and professional development activities. Applications are due by December 15th.

Guidelines are available here

Developmental Research Projects

UNAPP solicits Developmental Research Projects proposing novel technologies and innovative research ideas to enhance the scope of our antiviral discovery research. Approaches that encompass higher risk and higher potential for impact are encouraged.

Developmental Research Projects are supported in meeting their milestones by the infrastructure and activities of the alliance. Researchers have access to established core resources for early enabling research, screening, lead discovery, lead optimization, candidate selection, and preclinical development. UNAPP also provides extensive expertise to address the complex, multidisciplinary nature of drug discovery and development using team-based approaches.

Pre-proposals (due December 15, 2022) are being accepted for up to $250,000 direct costs per year for a period of up to two years. Funded projects that meet their proposed milestones may be considered for inclusion in the UNAPP as full projects.

Guidelines are available here