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A. Paige Adams, DVM, PhD (adjunct)

Dr. Adams, currently at Kansas State University Olathe Veterinary Biomedical Sciences, research interests include viral pathogenesis, vaccine development, and the development of relevant preclinical animal models for vaccines and antiviral therapies. As a first line of host defense, dendritic cells play a critical role in orchestrating the innate immune response to alphavirus infection. Therefore, she is interested in the rationale development of dendritic cell-specific therapies for the enhanced control of alphavirus infections. She is also interested in elucidating mechanisms of innate immunity that naturally protect reservoir hosts from severe disease. This work could identify co-evolved, protective mechanisms that can be used to develop antiviral therapies and to improve vaccine design. Lastly, she is interested in the development of relevant animal models for testing vaccines, which includes assessing the efficacy and safety of vaccine candidates as well as establishing the correlates of protective immunity.

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