Haitao Hu, PhD

Research in my group investigates host-virus interactions and antiviral T cell immunity in HIV infection and vaccination. In particular, we are investigating how memory CD4 T cells specific to different pathogens or antigens are differentially infected by HIV and how this is related to reactivation of opportunistic infections in AIDS patients; on the basis of this research, we are also interested in understanding how HIV may differentially establish latent infection in different antigen-specific memory CD4 T cell populations. The other major focus of our research is on HIV vaccine immunology. We are utilizing a range of systems, including cell culture, animal models (non-human primate/humanized mouse) and specimens from human vaccine trials, to explore how recombinant viral vectors (such as adenovirus, poxvirus and herpes virus) impact the property of HIV vaccine-induced CD4 T cell responses and how this affects the outcomes of HIV vaccination with regards to protection and risk of HIV acquisition in vaccine recipients.

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