Thomas G. Ksiazek, DVM, PhD

My research interests involve the epidemiology/ecology and laboratory diagnosis of hemorrhagic fevers and arthropod-borne viral diseases. More specifically, these include the mechanisms of transmission from reservoir zoonotic hosts to humans as well as transmission of the viral hemorrhagic fever viruses from case to case, particularly in health care settings. Of recent interest, there has been the persistence of the hemorrhagic fever viruses in reservoir populations and individual animals. The reservoir host(s) of the filoviruses has been a particular interest over the past 20 years, and in the last five years or so has focused on megachiropterans.

Also of personal interest is the area of high containment operations and operational biosafety. My goal is to facilitate a high containment laboratory environment that promotes excellence in science while maintaining the necessary high standards of safety and security necessary to work with high consequence pathogens in today's world.

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