Beth A. Auslander, PhD, MS

Dr. Auslander is a clinical psychologist and associate professor in the Department of Pediatrics. With the use of motivational and action-based theories, her research aims to identify factors related to parental intentions and initiation of HPV vaccination, so that these factors can be targeted in interventions to increase HPV vaccination rates, thereby providing greater vaccination coverage and protection for all against HPV-infection-associated illnesses, including cervical and anal cancers. To that regard, she currently serves as the subcontract principal investigator on an industry-sponsored study that examines the effectiveness of two types of persuasive message interventions on parental health beliefs, intentions, and acceptance/uptake of the HPV vaccine for their adolescents, and is the principal investigator on a follow-up qualitative study funded by the National Cancer Institute to investigate reasons for the gap between parental intentions and initiation of HPV vaccination.mail 

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