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SCOPE: Apply

These tracks have openings:

  • Family Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Pediatrics

How to apply

You must complete three items to be considered for SCOPE.

1. Submit a brief essay responding to these prompts. You may use a traditional essay format or a short answer format. Please do not exceed three double-spaced pages in your responses.

  • What does patient-centered care mean to you?
  • What role can medical students play in addressing health disparities on an individual and community level?
  • What type of future career do you envision for yourself?

2. Provide a letter of recommendation (Must be from UTMB Faculty)

3. Confirm that you are available to participate in one evening of multiple mini interviews (date to be announced).

4. Complete and submit the SCOPE Track Preference Form.

You must submit all of these items - the essay responses, the interview confirmation, the letter of recommendation and the completed track preference form - to Crystal Carpenter.

All of these factors are taken together by the SCOPE faculty committee to determine who will be accepted.