Welcome to the School of Medicine Special Programs. As director of Special Programs, I strive to bring you programs to increase your research opportunities and professional development. Our mission is to serve our students and provide special programs alongside the curriculum. We encourage you to delve into activities to help boost your medical school experience and concurrently your knowledge, clinical skills and research experiences.

In this website you will find two main programs that highlight research opportunities and a venue to disseminate findings in a scholarly fashion. Summer Research Programs (SRP) provides medical students with four-week and eight-week long research opportunities during the summer between year one and year two. Students are able to present their work at the end of the summer. For almost 60 years, hundreds of students have benefited from our nationally recognized program: The National Student Research Forum (NSRF), which provides a professional venue to present research findings. Several awards are presented for best research.

 Summer Research Program (SRP)

 National Student Research Forum (NSRF)

We also bring to you the opportunity to build on your professional career by introducing the national AAMC recognized Building the Next Generation of Academic Physicians (BNGAP) conference. Students explore academic medicine careers, expand their network among academic medicine colleagues and role models, navigate the array of academic medicine career paths and opportunities, and develop and enhance their academic medicine portfolio. The Hispanic Center of Excellence (HCOE) houses the Bilingual Health Track and offers a variety of opportunities with the ultimate goal of educating and graduating culturally competent bilingual physicians.

 Building the Next Generation of Academic Physicians (BNGAP)

 Hispanic Center of Excellence (HCOE)

Please feel free to stop by our offices or contact us for any information or assistance.

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