Data Management and Analysis Core


Since 2010, the Data Management and Analysis Core (DMAC) of the Comparative Effectiveness Research on Cancer in Texas (CERCIT) has worked closely with Texas Cancer Registry (TCR) to link multiple large databases, including Medicare and Medicaid, for research use. We propose to continue the DMAC via the CPRIT-Core Facility Support Award. One of the new goals of DMAC is to link TCR databases with nationally representative surveys, to enhance patient-centered outcomes research, and the interpretation and applicability of our findings to the Texas population. Another new goal is to train new comparative effectiveness research (CER) investigators across Texas academic and research institutions with a large number of underrepresented researchers.

More specifically, the DMAC aims are to 1) support data management and analysis; 2) expand our TCR linkage to nationally representative survey data, and 3) recruit and train new CER investigators from at least 8 Texas academic and research institutions with a large number of underrepresented investigators. Besides purchasing data, we will devote substantial funding to training (didactic workshops and lectures) and pilot awards (salary support and structured multidisciplinary mentoring). At least 12 pilot grant funds from our new partners will initiate CER along the cancer care continuum: screening (prevention and detection); diagnosis and treatment; post-treatment surveillance; and survivorship. We have extensive experience working with federal contractors to receive approval for Data User Agreements and process linkage, plus 10+ years of Texas Medicare and Medicaid data. The new DMAC will extend these datasets to allow study of longitudinal cohorts with 20+ years of follow-up. We will also provide expertise in study design, data management, and statistics analysis to our current and new users, as well as editing and administrative support.