Data Management and Analysis Core

2021-2022 Funded Pilot Grants

Below are details (grantee, institution, title, and DMAC mentor) on pilot grants funded through the Data Management and Analysis Core (DMAC). Institutions: TTUHSC: Texas Tech University Health Science Center; UT: University of Texas; UTMB: University of Texas Medical Branch.

Jessica Chacon, PhD (Assistant Professor, TTUHSC El Paso): A population-based cohort study on Acral Lentiginous Melanoma from 2006-present in the state of Texas. Dr. Lopez, Mentor.

Wei-Chen Lee, PhD (Assistant Professor, UTMB): Importance of Diabetes Management in Patients with Cancer using 2008-2018 Texas Medicare Data. Dr. Kuo, Mentor.

John D. Prochaska, DrPH, MPH (Associate Professor, UTMB): Machine Learning, Social Determinants of Health, & Cancer Prevalence. Dr. Jupiter, Mentor.

Meng Li, PhD (Assistant Professor, MD Anderson): The disparity in the use of immunotherapies in metastatic lung cancer. Dr. Giordano, Mentor

2022-2023 Pilot grant call will be available in May 2022