Texas Resource Center on Minority Aging Research (RCMAR)

Pilot Program Overview

Texas RCMAR selects pilot projects annually. A structured mentoring program provides skills and research experience necessary to help Scholars become independent investigators and future leaders in aging research. Scholars will acquire extensive research experience; generate, analyze, present and publish research data; and become equipped to compete for independent external research funding (e.g., K01, R01, etc).

Career Development

Each Texas RCMAR Pilot PI will develop an individualized plan that includes specific learning and mentoring needs, relevant educational activities, plans for pilot study generated publications, and goals related to future funding. be encouraged to participate in the mentoring activities of the Sealy Center on Aging, UTMB Pepper Center, and UTMB CTSA.

Pilot Research Project

A significant part of the career development plan for each Texas RCMAR Pilot PI is the pilot research project. The pilot study involves a mentored, hands-on, research experience that will form the basis for future research development. Each pilot study will involve the preparation of a research proposal, with specific objectives and a sound research design, the concurrent development of an application for IRB approval, analysis/collection of data, presentation of data in seminars, research team meetings, and annual ICAA conference; submission of an abstract for presentation at regional or national scientific meetings, publication of the study results in peer-reviewed journals, and use of the pilot data to develop an external research grant application.

Texas RCMAR is funded by the National Institute on Aging, Grant Number P30AG059301.
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