Institutional Goal 2


Deliver high-quality outcomes that improve education, research and health care delivery.

UTMB is committed to delivering high-quality outcomes, groundbreaking discoveries and exceptional service as we change the world through education, research and health care delivery.

We are transforming health care through enriched learning and continuous improvement while focusing on best-in-class care experiences, improving the health of populations and reducing per capita costs of care.

Our Strategies

  • Deliver the best service and care.
  • Streamline our systems to improve outcomes and overall efficiencies.

Our Tactics

  • Make a quantum leap in quality to emerge as a Top 20 academic health center.
  • Engage faculty and department chairs to improve patient access.
  • Develop and implement programs to further competency-based education.
  • Launch the 2020 Research Strategic Plan
  • Invest in health analytics capabilities through UTMB Discover (Business Intelligence infrastructure) to improve health outcomes, care and cost.
  • Focus on delivering care consistently using the best-known evidenced-based practices.

Our Outcomes

  • Improved patient care outcomes
  • Improved specialty care access for patients
  • Minimized variation and cost of care
  • Prepared students who meet challenges of the new health care system
  • Increased success in research enterprise