Needle Sticks, Sharps and

Bloodborne Pathogen Exposures


Supervisor/Faculty/Preceptor Checklist

  • Ensure employee/student washes or irrigates area immediately
  • Assist employee/student with obtaining source lab work: one (1) lavender tube and one (1) yellow top tube from source with SOURCE labels. Please be sure the source samples are properly labeled to prevent any delays in the lab.
  • Document in source's medical record "source of occupational exposure" and that labs were drawn for HIV, HCV and HBsAg with source's consent, when feasible.
  • Refer employee/student for post-exposure care immediately (even if delayed up to 72 hours after exposure). Employees should report to a UTMB Emergency Room for treatment (see locations below). They may also report to the Employee Health Clinic in Galveston during business hours.
  • Remind employee to submit to the Employee Health Clinic via email or fax:

Emergency Rooms Locations:

  • If you are in a remote location, please refer to your agency-specific policy. Information should be posted in designated clinics to inform staff on the locations of kits and general processes for off campus employee exposures.

For more details, refer to UTMB Policy for BBP Exposures (PDF)