About Us

Student Health Services provides quality primary medical care and counseling in addition to services such as laboratory, and immunizations. Our staff consists of experienced and professional, counselors, psychiatrist , Nurse practitioners and RNs to handle the needs of our students.

Statement on UTMB Student Health and Counseling Providers Serving in Academic Roles

Providers in the UTMB Student Health and Counseling Center consist of nurse practitioners, nurses, a psychologist, a licensed clinical social worker and a consulting psychiatrist. It is our policy that the providers, with the exception of the consulting psychiatrist, do not serve in an academic supervisory role, they do not assess or submit grades, they do not serve as members of Academic Progress Committees, nor do they make any decisions regarding students’ academic advancement and/or graduation. Additionally, it is our policy that the consulting psychiatrist, while also a faculty member in the Department of Psychiatry, does not and will not oversee or evaluate students who are or have been their patient.

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