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Frequently asked Questions about Immunizations and Titers

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Immunization and Titer Requirements

NOTE: Students who are also employees should check with Employee Health to find out if they are eligible to receive any immunizations at Employee Health.

The University of Texas Medical Branch
Student Health Immunization Requirements
Revised June 2015

Immunizations are required for all students and must be completed before starting school.

The new Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine Requirement or Exemption Form must be completed 10 days before the start of class.

MENINGOCCOCAL (Bacterial Meningitis): One dose required within 5 years of the first class day and at least 10 days before the first class day. You are exempt if you are 22 or older the first day of your first semester, or an online or distant education student exclusively. If you are a online or distance education student under the age of 22 the first day of class your first semester and must come to campus for any interaction, including orientation, you are not exempt. Exemptions can be granted for medical and conscience reasons. For medical reasons, documentation from your physician is required. For conscience or religious reasons exemptions must be on the form from the State of Texas found at www.dshs.state.tx.us/immunize/school. This can take up to two weeks to obtain and must be received within 90 days from the time it was notarized. (Additional Bacterial Meningitis Information)

TETANUS TOXOID, REDUCED DIPTHERIA TOXOID AND ACELLULAR PERTUSUSSIS (Tdap): All students must have one dose of Tdap (Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis), then a a Tetanus/Diptheria (Td) booster every 10 years thereafter.

MEASLES (Rubeola or red measles): If you were born in or after 1957, you must have either documentation of two doses of measles or two doses of MMR vaccine (separated by at least 30 days) after 12 months of age OR a titer result adequate to indicate immunity. If you were born before 1957, one dose is required OR a titer result adequate to indicate immunity.

MUMPS: If you were born in or after 1957, you must have either documentation of two dose of mumps or MMR vaccine after 12 months of age OR a titer result adequate to indicate immunity. If you were born before 1957, one dose OR a titer result adequate to indicate immunity.

RUBELLA (German Measles): Required for all students. You must have either documentation of one dose of rubella or MMR vaccine after 12 months of age OR a titer result adequate to indicate immunity.

NOTE: Some clinical sites are only accepting titer results. If you have the vaccine and titer please provide both results.

VARICELLA (Chickenpox): Beginning with new students incoming for Summer 2013, if you know you have had Chicken pox disease, you must have proof of a positive Varicella titer to confirm disease OR have proof of two Varicella vaccine immunizations. Recently some clinical sites are only taking the proof of two immunizations or a titer result. If you have a titer result please send to us as well.

HEPATITIS B: A series of three immunizations and documentation of a positive titer 4-6 weeks after the third immunization. (The second immunization is given 4 weeks after the first and the third at least 8 weeks after the second and 16 weeks after the first. It takes a minimum of 4 months to complete the series of three immunizations). At least a month after the last immunization a titer is drawn to verify immunity.

TUBERCULOSIS (TB) SCREENING: You must be screened for Tuberculosis every 12 months while enrolled. Screening may include TB skin test (PPD), Quantiferon Gold blood test OR T-spot blood test. A CXR may be indicated.

CHEST X-RAY: Required ONLY if there is a history of a positive PPD test reading. You must provide documentation of the date of the positive PPD and a negative chest x-ray taken after the date of the reported positive PPD. Note: Some clinical sites are requiriing a CXR every year after a positive PPD reading. Students would be responsible for the cost of the CXR.

UTMB complies with the State of Texas Higher Education Mandatory Immunization Requirements and recommendations of the Texas Department of State Health Services Immunization Division and the CDC. Immunizations MUST be completed before a student may participate in direct patient care.

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