Student Health to Begin Billing Medical Insurance Effective September 1, 2016.

Read full announcement here. (PDF)

Student Health Insurance


  • Students are automatically enrolled in the Student Healh Insurance Program with the option to opt out with verification of comprable insurance coverage.
  • Health Insurance coverage is mandated for all UTMB students.
  • Failure to maintain health insurance coverage can result in cancellation of your registration.
  • If labs or x-rays are ordered by our providers UTMB hospital will bill insurance & file the claim
  • Any Co-pays, deductibles, or fees surrounding ancillary charges are the financial responsibility of the student
  • The student tuition billed medical service fee is not health insurance coverage.

Click link below for information on the University of Texas System endorsed Student Health Insurance Plan:



What may not be covered?

This is determined by your insurance provider, call your insurance provider before your scheduled appointment for verification.

(There is a number on the back of your insurance card that will provide your providers contact number for coverage verification.)

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