University of Texas Medical Branch Student Health

Mandatory Pre-registration Requirements

On our website (http://www.utmb.edu/studenthealth/immunization.asp), you will find Immunization Requirements for enrollment as a student at UTMB and an Immunization Record form. This form can  be completed and signed by your primary care provider or a nurse at the clinic where you receive your immunizations or attach copies of your immunizations to the completed form. The immunization requirements comply with the State of Texas, the Texas Department of Health, and the CDC. You must meet ALL identified requirements. Students must complete all immunizations prior to enrollment. Please read the instructions carefully on the Immunization Requirements Sheet as there is a new Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine requirement that started on January 2014, for all new students to UTMB, who are under 22 years of age.

Insurance: Texas Education Code, Section 51.952 authorized a governing board to require health insurance on students enrolled in health institutions. To find out more information about this plan or to enroll, please visit their website at https://utmb.myahpcare.com/. If you already have health insurance coverage it must be comparable to the coverage of the UT System endorsed plan.

Please mail or e-mail your completed and signed Immunization Record by the following:

  • Spring semester- November 1
  • Summer semester- March 1
  • Fall semester- June 1
  • 1st Year Incoming summer PA students- May 1

Please remember that immunizations and insurance coverage  are mandatory and failure to complete these requirements may compromise your enrollment at UTMB.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Student Health at (409) 747-9508.  We look forward to working with you in the months ahead!

Click links below for the new student forms:

UT System Endorsed Student Health Insurance www.ahpcare.com/utmb

For counseling, please click here.


Lee Hage Jamail
Student Center - 3rd Flr.

301 University Blvd.

Galveston, Texas



(409) 747-9508
(409) 747-9330

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

*Major credit cards only.

After Hours Care

After hours, weekends, and holidays, you may call the Access Center at (409) 772-2222 or (800) 917-8906. Telephone triage is provided by the Hotline and physician backup consultation is available.

For Emergencies

Please go directly to the nearest emergency room. Students are responsible for all charges related to emergency care.