Honor Pledge Committee

The Honor Pledge Committee was organized in 2001 to develop the UTMB Honor Pledge. The Honor Pledge is an important statement that revolves around three key principles: Compassion, Integrity, and Respect. These principles represent the foundation upon which UTMB thrives on as an institution. Honor Pledge plaques hang all around campus, serving as a reminder of the basic principles we strive for.

"On my honor, as a member of the UTMB community, I pledge to act with integrity, compassion and respect in all my academic and professional endeavors."

The Honor Pledge Committee's mission is to promote the three pillars - compassion, integrity, and respect - on campus in order to educate and unite the UTMB community. The Honor Pledge has no meaning unless each and every member of UTMB implements these principles into their daily lives and strives to lead by example.



By taking the Honor Pledge at Orientation, all students symbolically join the Honor Pledge Committee (HPC). All HPC events are open to students campus-wide.The Honor Pledge Committee hosts several activities throughout the year, including the annual Interprofessionalism Panel, guest speaker presentations, pillar-themed social events, and community service events. Contact one of our officers below for more information!

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