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Type: Service, Social, Cultural, Professional

Membership: University-Wide

Mission Statement: Allies in Medicine is an organization dedicated to educating faculty, students and staff about topics of sex, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, romantic orientation and other LGBTQI+ health care topics. We spread awareness on LGBTQI+ issues and promote a more inclusive environment for faculty, students, staff and patients at UTMB. We host specialized trainings in LGBTQI+ inclusive healthcare as well as community and social events.

Activities: Trainings in LGBTQI+ inclusive care, special topic lectures, Pride activities, community events, socials, and Diversi-Tees.

Officer Board:

Organization Email:
Organization Website: Allies in Medicine Facebook

Type: Sport, Social, Cultural

Membership: University-Wide

Mission Statement: Play chess. Relax and exercise our minds simultaneously. We meet periodically to play chess and encourage interdisciplinary unity.

Activities: Chess tournaments, Chess lessons, Chess therapy

Officer Board:

  • Faculty Advisor – Dr. Ben Raimer, UTMB President Ad Interim  (
Organization Website: Check Mates Facebook Group

Type: Social, Cultural

Membership: University-Wide

Mission Statement: The purpose of Part Time Poets is to recognize, celebrate, and share beauty and creativity. We believe that medicine should not only provide mechanical and physiological realignment but also encourage and prolong wellbeing within one’s self and others – we believe that poetry can foster this.

It is valuable to focus time and energy on the beauty that we seek to share. Part Time Poets dedicates itself to reflection on a specific facet of beauty, namely human literary creativity. We seek to periodically meet to collectively share in and explore the art of science and medicine through creative and poetic expression.

Finally, this organization desires to practice what we preach by finding creative and meaningful ways to share with UTMB and the community.


  1. Periodical meetings to create, share, and reflect on the beauty in poetry.
  2. Attending and sharing at Galveston’s poetry nights (Proletariat on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month)
  3. Supporting and working together with the “Art in Healthcare” student organization
  4. Encouraging submission of exceptional poetry for publication

Officer Board:

Organization Email:
Organization Website: Part Time Poets Facebook

Type: Professional, Cultural

Membership: University-Wide

Mission Statement: The purpose of this organization is to provide educational support to students at UTMB who wish to broaden their medical spanish background and overall Hispanic cultural humility.


Workshops on spanish language skills
Service opportunities at St. Vincent'

Officer Board:

Type: Cultural, Social, Service

Membership: University-Wide

Mission Statement: SAMSA is a UTMB based student/resident/faculty association that will provide a channel of networking, support, and open communication. Members will have the opportunity to learn and participate in events centered around South Asian culture as well as to engage in service events and socials. We hope to provide students and professionals from different schools and specializations the opportunity to form connections and strengthen healthcare delivery.

Activities: We will be holding meetings twice a semester as well as coordinate service opportunities for our members and host various cultural events for the UTMB community.

Officer Board:

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